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Kukula ndi Kupita - Mndandanda wa Madzi Gawo #8

This week’s destination: LIVING WATER

MATERIALS: Empty bottles of water enough for each child, long piece of paper, coloured markers. Fill empty water bottles with pebbles, beads for second game.


Welcome, as the children arrive get them to colour the colouring pages and visual aids that will be used during the session.

DOWNLOAD Session #8 Chichewa Visual Aids

DOWNLOAD Session #8 EnglishTeaching (To be translated into Chichewa)

Give each child an empty bottle of water and give them a long piece of paper and markers to write and decorate the bottle with JESUS GIVES US LIVING WATER. Tape their piece of decorated paper onto the bottle to remember today's lesson. They can fill it with fresh water and take it to school to help then share this message with their school friends.

1. WELCOME GAME: (10 minutes)
Living Water Tag:
One child is ‘the catcher’ all the other children will run around the room as if they are swimming. If someone gets tagged they must sit down. In order for them to get back in the game someone must swim in a circle around them. The game is over whenever everyone has been tagged or whenever the teacher blows the whistle and stops the game. You may want to play several different rounds so that more children can be ‘the catcher’

2. TEAM GAMES: (10 minutes)
Living water relay race:
Divide the children into two equal teams, have two equally full buckets of water at one end of the yard or field, give each team one plastic cup or glass and have two empty buckets at the end next to the team. The aim is for a child to run up to the bucket of water, fill up their cup and run back with the full cup and empty it into the empty bucket. Then another chid does the same thing until all the children have run up and filled thier cup with water. At the end of the race the bucket that was filled with the most water that team is the winner. Have drinking water to give the team after all this running around.


(10 minutes)

4. INTIMATE WORSHIP: (5 minutes)

Prayer: Heavenly Father thank you for sending your Son Jesus that whoever believes in Him will be saved and rivers of living water will flow from within us.


a. Review:

Optional: Download Water into wine colouring pages for the children to spot the difference as part of the Review.

Last session we learnt about the first miracle that Jesus performed. The Bible tells us that after they saw Jesus perform this miracle, the disciples believed in him

b. Sword Play
Ready…Swords up… Yohane 7:38… CHARGE

'Aliyense amene akhulupirira Ine, mitsinje yamadzi amoyo idzatuluka kuchokera m'kati mwake.'

(Yohane 7:38 NIV)

Optional: Download Bible Memory Verse

c. Teach the Lesson
Read John 4: 1-26

The part of the world where Jesus lived was very hot and dry.

One day, as he was traveling through Samaria, Jesus passed through a small village Jacob's well was there and Jesus, hot and tired from the long walk, sat down beside the well about noontime to rest.

Optional: Download Bible for Children 'The woman at the well ' Bible Verses'

Optional: Download Bible for Children 'The woman at the well ' PDF

Compliments from Bible for Children

Soon a Samaritan woman came to the well to fill her water jar. "Please give me a drink," Jesus said to the woman.

The woman was shocked! You see, in those days a Jew wouldn't be caught dead talking to a Samaritan. "Why are you, a Jew, asking me, a Samaritan woman, for a drink?"

Bible Reading: Optional: Download Bible Verse Visual Aid

Optional: Download Bible for Children 'The woman at the well' Bible Verse Reading Video.

Adapted from Bible for Children

(Yohane 4:13-14)

13  Yesu anayankha kuti, "Aliyense amene amamwa madzi awa amamvanso ludzu,

14  koma aliyense amene adzamwa madzi amene Ine ndidzamupatsa sadzamvanso ludzu. Ndithudi, madzi amene ndidzamupatsa adzakhala kasupe wamadzi wotumphukira ku moyo wosatha."

Optional: Download 'The woman at the well ' English animated children's video

Comparing Well water to Fountains of Living Water that Jesus was offering:

*Well water is good to drink when you're thirsty. But a Fountain of Living Water is for our thirsty souls. All of us are thirsty for God's love, His presence, His power.

* Well water is good for soaking hard things to soften them up such as a dry sponge. But a Fountain of Living Water softens up our hard hearts so it will absorb His love.

* Well water is good for putting out fires. But a Fountain of Living Water puts out fires of temptation in our hearts. All of us are tempted by Satan.

* Well water is good for washing. But a Fountain of Living Water washes our hearts that are dirty from sin. All of us have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.

* Well water is good for growing plants, trees and fruit. But a Fountain of Living Water makes our hearts grow and bloom with good deeds and mature fruit of the Spirit.

* Well water is good for floating and swimming. But a Fountain of Living Water floats our souls all the way up to heaven. All of us want to be in heaven with God one day.

* Well water is still. But a Fountain of Living Water bubbles up within our hearts and overflows into our family, friends, school mates etc.

When Jesus offered living water to the woman at the well, He was offering her a new life, a Christian life. And He offers it to you and me.

Do you want a Fountain of Living Water? I can't give it to you. Mom and Dad can't give it to you. The preachers in church can't give it to you. Only Jesus can give you a Living Water that lasts forever.


What have you been feeding your soul with? Where have you sought refuge from the bad days? Distracting yourself on the internet? Social Media? Drowning at work? Turning to drinks or drugs?

God is showing us that "Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again."

That is, if you drink the things of this world, your thirst and your inner emptiness will never pass.

The real food, rest and refreshment for our soul comes from just one place: Jesus!

Encourage the children to come to the alter take time now to appreciate God's presence and drink deeply of the living water.

Allow His spirit to fill you afresh seeping deep into you reaching your very roots to help you grow.

Jesus had made a special trip through Samaria so that she would have the opportunity to find the source of life. He waited to find her at the well. All she had to do was drink.

Jesus offered her new life. Jesus offers abundant life. He came to solve the questions of her past. She understood and, leaving the pot of water, she returned to the city and told the people that she had found the source of Living Water, the Messiah.

CLOSING PRAYER: Heavenly Father, please give us Your living water, although we do not deserve it. Make us fresh fountains of bubbly, living water, so we can share You with everyone. In Jesus name we pray.


Print the Take Home Bible Verse one for each child.

DOWNLOAD Chichewa Take Home Bible Verse Visual Aid

NEXT WEEK: In the WATER Series we have learn that ALL have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God and that is why Jesus who lived a perfect and POWERFUL life must die on the cross.

Zosefera Mchenga Zachilengedwe Kuphunzitsa:


DAWUNILODI: 'Letsani Tizilombo Gwiritsani Ntchito Ukhondo Wabwino' poster to assist with the teaching.

DAWUNILODI: 'Letsani Tizilombo Gwiritsani Ntchito Ukhondo Wabwino' Chichewa Educational Handout for the parents or guardian.

Letsani Tizilombo Gwiritsani Ntchito Ukhondo Wabwino

Uthenga wofunikira: Ukhondo wabwino umalepheretsa kufala kwa tizilombo toyambitsa matenda.

Mafunso Otheka :

•  Kodi muli ndi chimbudzi?

•  Ngati inde, ndi chimbudzi cha anthu wamba kapena chapakhomo?

•  Kodi chimbudzi mumagwiritsira ntchito chiyani?

•  Kodi inu kapena dera lanu mumachita izi?


Chojambulachi chikuwonetsa njira zosiyanasiyana zopewera matenda pogwiritsa ntchito ukhondo wabwino.

Chimbudzi chosamalidwa bwino sichingakope ntchentche ndipo chidzaletsa kufalikira kwa ndowe za anthu kuti zisawononge chakudya ndi madzi.

Madzi otayira amatha kutayidwa mu dzenje lonyowa. Dzenje lonyowa ndi dzenje pansi lodzaza ndi miyala momwe madzi amatha kulowa pansi bwino. Madzi oima ndi owopsa chifukwa udzudzu umaswana m'madzi oima. Udzudzu umafalitsa matenda monga malungo ndi dengue fever. Tingathandize kuthetsa matendawa pomanga ndi kugwiritsa ntchito maenje onyowa.

Kuteteza magwero a madzi ku ndowe za nyama ndikofunika kwambiri. Ngati timagwiritsa ntchito chitsime potungira madzi ndiye kuti ndi bwino kumanga mpanda kuti nyama zisalowe. Kuti madzi asapangike mozungulira chitsimecho, perekani madzi otayira kutali ndi chitsime, mpope kapena popopera madzi. Madzi oipa a m'chitsime, pompo kapena popopera madzi angagwiritsidwe ntchito kuthirira dimba laling'ono kapena kuwalowetsa m'dzenje lonyowa.

Zinyama zimatha kuwononga chakudya chomwe timalima m'minda ngati palibe mpanda woti zisalowe. Pangani mpanda kuzungulira dimba kuti muteteze zipatso ndi ndiwo zamasamba.

Kukwirira zinyalala zapakhomo ndi njira yabwino yosungiramo nyumba yaukhondo komanso yaukhondo. Titha kuthandiza kuti ntchentche zisakopeke ndi zinyalala zathu komanso mazira omwe amaikira pamenepo.

Fufuzani Kumvetsetsa:

•  Kodi tingaletse bwanji kusamutsa tizilombo toyambitsa matenda kudzera mu ukhondo?

•  Kodi zina zabwino za ukhondo ndi ziti?

Zomwe zachokera

Letsani Tizilombo Gwiritsani Ntchito Ukhondo

Uthenga wofunikira: Pali zinthu zomwe tingachite kuti tidziteteze ku tizilombo toyambitsa matenda.

DAWUNILODI: 'Letsani Tizilombo Gwiritsani Ntchito Ukhondo ' poster to assist with the teaching.

DAWUNILODI: 'Letsani Tizilombo Gwiritsani Ntchito Ukhondo ' Chichewa Educational Handout for the parents or guardian,

Mafunso Otheka:

•  Kodi tizilombo toyambitsa matenda tingasamutsire bwanji mkamwa mwanu?

•  Kodi tizilombo toyambitsa matenda tingasamutsire bwanji ku chakudya chanu?

•  Ndi zizolowezi zabwino ziti zaumwini zomwe zingaletse kusamutsidwa kwa tizilombo toyambitsa matenda kuchokera ku zala zathu kupita mkamwa mwathu?

•  Kodi tingatetezere bwanji zakudya ndi mbale zathu kuti zisaipitsidwe?

•  Kodi tingatani kuti nyumba zathu zizikhala zaukhondo?


Zizolowezi zabwino ndi zoipa zingachititse kuti chakudya chathu chikhale choyera kapena chodetsedwa. Ndowe za anthu ndi nyama ndizomwe zimayambitsa kuipitsidwa ndi matenda.

Tizilombo toyambitsa matenda titha kuchoka ku ndowe kudzera m'manja ndi zala kenako kupita ku chakudya kapena m'kamwa.

Tizilombo toyambitsa matenda timasamutsidwa ku zala zathu nthawi iliyonse tikakhudza chinthu chomwe chaipitsidwa. Pamene zala zathu zaipitsidwa ndi kukhudza pakamwa pathu, tikhoza kudwala.

Tiyenera kusamba m'manja tikachoka kuchimbudzi, tisanadye komanso tisanakonze chakudya. Tiyeneranso kusamba m'manja tikagwira ndowe za ana.

Kusamba nthawi zonse ndi sopo ndikofunikira kutsuka tizilombo tomwe tingakhale m'matupi athu. Zimenezi zidzatithandiza kukhala aukhondo ndi athanzi.

Kuteteza chakudya chathu ku ntchentche kungathandize kuletsa kufalikira kwa tizilombo toyambitsa matenda.

Kutsuka mbale m'madzi asopo tikatha kudya kumaletsa kusamutsa tizilombo toyambitsa matenda kupita kwa munthu wina amene amagwiritsira ntchito mbaleyo. Kusunga nyumba zathu zaukhondo ndi kukwirira zinyalala kumathandizanso kuletsa kusamutsa ma virus.

Fufuzani Kumvetsetsa:

•  Kodi zina mwaukhondo ndi ziti?

•  Kodi tizilombo toyambitsa matenda timafalira bwanji kudzera mu zala zathu?

•  Kodi tingaletse bwanji tizilombo toyambitsa matenda kufalikira pa zala ndi m'manja mwathu?

•  N'chifukwa chiyani timaletsa ntchentche pa chakudya?

•  Titani ndi zinyalala?

•  Kodi tiyenera kusamba m'manja liti?

Information sourced from

Gawo D: Tsukani Mchenga Wosefera ndi Mwala

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Optional: Download English BioSand Filter PowerPoint - 'Wash the Filtration Sand and Gravel'


DAWUNILODI: Chikalata Chamaphunziro #8 'Tsukani Mchenga Wosefera ndi Mwala'


Download Handbook #8 Wash the Filtration Sand and Gravel.

Visit Drop of Hope website - 'Wash the Filtration Sand and Gravel'

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