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Kukula ndi Kupita - Mndandanda wa Madzi Gawo #6

This week’s destination: Jesus lived a POWERFUL life - He walked on water!

MATERIALS: Print Bible Verse Visual Aid. Crayons, Large shallow pans with water for Welcome Game. Two buckets filled with water, two empty buckets, two small plastic cups for the team relay game.

Objects that float eg: wooden block, two pieces of heavy duty foil,

Objects that sink eg a metal spoon,


Welcome, as the children arrive get them to colour the colouring pages and visual aids that will be used during the session.

DOWNLOAD Session #6 Chichewa Visual Aids

DOWNLOAD Session #6 English Teaching (To translate into Chichewa)

1. WELCOME GAME: (10 minutes) - WATER WALKING:

Let children take off their shoes and socks and take turns placing their feet in a shallow pan of water and then the first child will walk on the floor or on the sidewalk and make watery foot prints. Then the next child will put their feet in the water and try to walk on the exact same footprints as the first child. Each child will follow after and see if they can walk on the same prints. If they happen to make a new print, then the children following can choose which foot prints they want to follow. Tell children that today we'll be talking about walking on the water!

2. TEAM GAMES: (10 minutes) - WATER RELAY:

Divide the children into two equel teams. The teams will take turns running to the far side of the room with an empty cup collecting a cup of water and running to the far side of the room to empty it into the empty bucket, handing the cup to the next runner who repeats the exercise until the bucket is full of water. and putting on a swim ring and run back to their team continue to play until all the players have run.


(10 minutes)

DOWNLOAD 'Jesus walking on water' English Music videos

4. INTIMATE WORSHIP: (5 minutes)


a. Review:


DOWNLOAD 'Jesus stills the stormy sea' Bible Verse Reading (Mute version) video to voiceover in Chichewa

DOWNLOAD 'Jesus stills the stormy sea' Bible Verse Reading (English Audio) video

b. Sword Play
Ready…Swords up…Mateyu 14:27b … CHARGE

But immediately Jesus spoke to them, saying...

"Limbani mtima! Ndine, musaope." (Mateyu 14:27b)

DOWNLOAD Chichewa Bible Verse Visual Aid

c. Teach the Lesson:

Jesus walks on the water, Peter Sinks on the Water

On the sea of life, there are floaters and sinkers -- which are you?

As you can see, I have a bucket of water and several other things with me this morning. Some of the items that I have with me will float in water and some of them will sink. I am going to show you an item and ask you to vote as to whether you think it will float or sink. Then we will put it in the water to see if you were right or not. Are you ready?

Here is a wooden building block. How many of you think it will float in the water? How many think it will sink? Let's try it and see. Great! Most of you were right. The block is floating in the water.

Here is the second item. A metal spoon. How many of you think it will float? How many think it will sink? Well, let's try it and see. You were right again! It sank!

Here is the another item. A piece of heavy duty foil. How many of you think it will float? How many think it will sink? Okay, let's see. You were right again! It floats!

Here is another piece of foil. It is exactly the same as the other one. (Wad it up into a ball.) Now how many of you think it will still float? How many think it will sink? Right again! It still floats.

Are you a floater or a sinker? Don't worry, I'm not going to throw you into a tub of water to find out, but I think we can find the answer in the Bible.

Read Matthew 14:28-31

After he had finished feeding the five thousand, Jesus told his disciples to get into their boat and go to the other side of the lake while he went up into the mountains to be alone and to pray.

While the disciples were going to the other side of the lake in their boat, the wind came up and the water began to get rough. The disciples became afraid that their boat would sink and they would be drowned. Then they looked, and they saw Jesus coming toward them and he was walking on the water. When Peter saw Jesus, he became excited and he said to him, "Lord, if that's really you, let me walk to you on the water". Jesus answered Peter and said, "Come."

Well Peter climbed over the side of the boat and started walking on the water to Jesus. Then he began to look around, he felt the strong winds and saw the waves and he became afraid and started to sink. He cried out to Jesus, "Help, save me!" Jesus reached out his hand and saved Peter and he said to him, "Oh, you of little faith, why did you doubt?"

Peter Sinks on the Water Children's Sermon | Sermons4Ki... (


As long as Peter kept his eyes on Jesus, he was walking on the water, but when he took his eyes off of Jesus, he began to sink. As we go through life, there will be some storms. We will encounter some pretty rough water. As long as we keep our eyes upon Jesus and put our trust in him, we will be okay. But when we take our eyes off of Jesus and put our confidence in our own ability, we will surely sink!

Encourage the children to come to the alter. You can establish your own alter by placing a chair in the corner, cover it with a gold cloth, have the Jesus crown on the chair and surround it with the red cloth, creating the illusion of the blood of Jesus.


Dear Jesus, when the storms of life come against us, help us to keep our eyes on you and to put our trust in you. We now know that when we take our eyes off of Jesus and put our confidence in our own ability, we will surely sink! Keep us focused on You Lord Jesus, you who stilled the storm and walked on water. You are the miricle worker, You are our Living water. We put our trust in You. Amen.


Print the Chichewa Take Home Bible Verse one for each child.

DOWNLOAD Take Home Bible Verse

NEXT WEEK: In Session #7 of the WATER Series we will be taught about the first miracle that Jesus performed, turning water into wine.

The Bible tells us that after they saw Jesus perform this miracle, the disciples believed in him. That was always the reason that Jesus performed a miracle. He didn't do it so that he would become popular or well-liked or show off! He did it so that all would believe that he was God's Son who had come to save them. Remember SIN separated us from God, we had a big problem and God solved that problem by sending His Son Jesus, to live a perfect and POWERFUL life.

Zosefera Mchenga Zachilengedwe Kuphunzitsa:

DAWUNILODI: 'Tizilombo tating'onoting'ono timachokera ku Ndowe' poster to assist with the teaching.

DAWUNILODI: 'Tizilombo tating'onoting'ono timachokera ku Ndowe' Chichewa Educational Handout for the parents or guardian.

Tizilombo tating'onoting'ono timachokera ku Ndowe

Uthenga wofunikira: Tizilombo toyambitsa matenda timasamutsidwa kuchoka ku ndowe kupita mkamwa mwathu mnjira zambiri.

Mafunso Otheka:

•  Mukuganiza kuti tizilombo toyambitsa matenda tingasamutsidwe bwanji kuchoka ku ndowe kupita mkamwa mwanu?


Chojambulachi chikuwonetsa njira zomwe tizilombo toyambitsa matenda timasamutsidwa kuchoka ku ndowe kupita kukamwa ndi m'mimba mwathu. Izi ndi njira zomwe timadwala ndi tizilombo toyambitsa matenda.

Tizilombo toyambitsa matenda tingafalikire m'manja ndi zala zathu. Nthawi zonse manja athu akakhudza ndowe za anthu kapena za nyama, pamakhala mwayi woti tizilombo toyambitsa matenda tingafalikire m'kamwa mwathu kapena ku chakudya chathu. Tizilombo toyambitsa matenda titha kufalikiranso m'manja ndi chakudya cha anthu ena.

Ntchentche zimakopeka ndi fungo la ndowe za anthu kapena za nyama. Zikatera pa ndowe kenako n'kuuluka n'kutera pa chakudya chathu, zimafalitsa tizilombo toyambitsa matenda. Komanso ntchentchezo zikatera kumaso kapena m'manja mwathu, zimatha kufalitsa tizilomboto kwa ife. Madzi oipitsidwa ndi ndowe adzayenda m'midzi ndi kufalitsa matendawo.

Madzi akagwiritsidwa ntchito m'nyumba, tizilombo toyambitsa matenda timatha kupita kukamwa kwathu. Izi zingachitike tikamwetsa madziwo komanso tikamagwiritsa ntchito mbale zotsuka m'madzi oipa.

Zomera zimathanso kutola tizilombo toyambitsa matenda ku ndowe. Zipatso kapena ndiwo zamasamba zimatha kuipitsidwa ndi tizilombo toyambitsa matenda tochokera ku ndowe za nyama kapena anthu. Ngati zipatso kapena ndiwo zamasamba sizinatsukidwe ndi madzi abwino, tikhoza kudwala.

Munthu wathanzi akadya chakudya ndi madzi oipitsidwa, tizilombo toyambitsa matenda timalowa m'mimba ndipo tingayambe kudwala. Ana ndi akuluakulu akadwala, ndowe zawo zimakhala ndi tizilombo toyambitsa matenda. Munthu wodwala akachita chimbudzi, makamaka kutchire, tizilombo toyambitsa matenda timayambanso kulowa m'malo. Mwanjira imeneyi, kufalikira kwa tizilombo toyambitsa matenda ndi matenda kumapitirirabe.

Fufuzani Kumvetsetsa:

•  Kodi ntchentche zimasamutsa

•  bwanji tizilombo toyambitsa matenda kuchokera ku ndowe?

•  Kodi tizilombo tingasamutsidwe bwanji kudzera m'madzi?

•  Kodi tizilombo toyambitsa matenda timasamutsidwa bwanji kudzera m'manja ndi zala zathu?

•  Kodi chakudya chingaipitsidwe bwanji?

•  Kodi madzi amaipitsidwa bwanji?

Information sourced from


DAWUNILODI: 'Samalira Chimbudzi' poster to assist with the teaching.

DAWUNILODI: 'Samalira Chimbudzi' Chichewa Educational Handout for the parents or guardian.

Samalira Chimbudzi

Uthenga wofunikira: Gwiritsani ntchito ndi kukonza chimbudzi chanu kuti mupewe matenda.

Mafunso Otheka:

•  Ndani amayeretsa chimbudzi chanu?

•  Kodi chimbudzi chimayeretsedwa kangati?

•  Kodi mumataya bwanji ndowe za ana?


Nyumba yachimbudzi yomangidwa pa slab imatha kupangidwa ndi zinthu zambiri. Ngati mpweya ukhoza kuyenda, chimbudzi sichimanunkhiza. Chitoliro chotulutsira mpweya kuchokera pansi pa slab kupita pamwamba pa denga chimalola kuti fungo lituluke. Chotchinga cha ntchentche chiyenera kuphimba pamwamba pa chitoliro chotulukira mpweya kuti ntchentche ndi tizilombo zisatuluke. Ntchentche zidzalowa mdzenje, kuwona kuwala pamwamba pa chitoliro chotulukira mpweya, kuwulukira chitolirocho ndikugwidwa mumsampha.

Pansi yopangidwa ndi konkire ndi yabwino kwambiri pachimbudzi, chifukwa ndi yotetezeka kwambiri, imakhala nthawi yayitali komanso yosavuta kuyeretsa.

Sungani chimbudzi kuti muchepetse kufalikira kwa matenda:

•  Tsukani mpando wa chimbudzi ndi pansi

•  Sungani chitoliro chotulutsa mpweya kuti chizigwira bwino ntchito

•  Yang'anani chophimba chowuluka pafupipafupi ndikuchikonza ngati pangafunike

Osayika zinthu izi m'chimbudzi cha chimbudzi:

•  Madzi otayira (amadzaza dzenje mwachangu)

•  Mankhwala (osalola kuti zinyalala ziwola)

•  Mabotolo opanda kanthu, zitini ndi zinyalala zina

•  Njerwa ndi miyala

Chimbudzi cha ana chiyenera kutayidwa m'chimbudzi. Amakhalanso ndi tizilombo toyambitsa matenda, mofanana ndi ndowe za akuluakulu.

Fufuzani Kuwmvetsetsa:

•  N'chifukwa chiyani kuli kofunika kusunga chimbudzi chaukhondo?

•  Kodi chimbudzi chabwino chimamangidwa bwanji?

•  Kodi tingasamalire bwanji chimbudzi?

•  Ndi chiyani chomwe sichiyenera kulowa mu dzenje lachimbudzi?

•  Kodi ndowe za ana tiyenera kutaya bwanji?

Zomwe zachokera

Gawo A: Konzani Malo Opangira

Embedded Microsoft Office presentation, powered by Office.

Optional: Download English BioSand Filter PowerPoint - 'Set Up a Production Site '

Mufunika malo ogwirira ntchito kuti mupange Zosefera za Zosefera Mchenga Wachilengedwe (ZMW). Malo omwe mumapangira zosefera ndikukonza mchenga ndi miyala imatchedwa Malo Opanga. Kuchuluka kwa malo omwe mungafune kumadalira kuchuluka kwa zosefera zomwe mungapange. Mukhozanso kukhala ndi ofesi pamalo omwewo.


DAWUNILODI: Chikalata Chamaphunziro #5 'Konzani Malo Opangira'


Optionl: Download Handbook #5 Stage A: Set Up a Production Site

Visit Drop of Hope website - Set Up a Production Site

CLICK to view Water Series - Session #7



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