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Africa Bureau of Children's Discipleship (ABCD)

 Abraham Kisembo founder of Faith Power Pentecostal Ministries - Uganda with Jenny Jenny Pastor Tom, Abraham Kisembo, Jenny and Tom's wife Ragan,Jenny and Pastor Abraham Kisembo Jenny, Pastor Abraham Kisembo and team on Hope Estate Hope Estate in Uganda Hope Farm in Uganda Hope Land Sand Minining Kingdom Building Business in Uganda Hope Land Sand Minining Kingdom Building Business in Uganda

Africa Bureau of Children's Discipleship (ABCD) is a charitable Organisation dedicated to infusing hope, health and happy memories by improving the quality of life for the African children with their families through several key programmes.

The registered offices of Africa Bureau of Children's Discipleship (ABCD) shall be situated in Nairobi, Kenya, and its regional offices shall be in their respective geographical areas be determined by the Board of Directors from time to time

Guiding Principles
1. Grow the sponsorship program to touch the lives of Orphans and other vulnerable children across Africa
2. Provide sponsored students with academic and vocational training and monitor their progress.
3. Monitor and influence the welfare of the sponsored child through ongoing home assessment, access to healthcare, and health education.
4. Leverage the current African educational system by selecting qualified schools and supplementing their educational programs.
5. Improve self sufficiency through empowerment and life-skills training and resources.
6. Send mission teams to Africa to show Christ’s love and to increase awareness of the mission of ABCD
7. Partner with like-minded organizations to provide services that support the mission of ABCD.

The aims and objectives of Africa Bureau of Children's Discipleship (ABCD)
1. To meet Spiritual and physical needs of children in Africa by providing Health centers, Education at all levels in order to fight disease and ignorance in society
2. To fight and eradicate poverty from the marginalized and disadvantaged children and their families through establishment of micro and macro income generating activities
3. To guard, protect and advocate for any fundamental rights of children through legal and other means in order to fight marginalization
4. To train and equip personnel that will handle children programmes across Africa
5. To coordinate children focused activities across Africa in order to show value for money and continuity of such activities
6. To print and publish news letters of Christian literature about the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ in order to introduce children to learning the ways of God
7. To strengthen and improve the quality of life, of children and their families and attain economic self reliance through sustainability initiatives and vocational training
8. To acquire movable and immovable assets, establish, obtain or otherwise sell or dispose off whole or in part any motor vehicles, machinery that may be necessary for carrying out organizations activities
9. To acquire, purchase and obtain land/plots, land tenure and interest in and to hold free hold, lease hold land for the purposes of the organization, any or real estate and sale or hire or dispose-off of the rights over the organizations property as may be expedient
10. To act as a forum, drawing together and uniting all the children’s programmes in Africa, so that they can adopt common strategies and act collectively on matters of mutual concern
11. To liaise and dialogue with National and International organizations in order to develop and improve on matters pertaining community development, welfare of Children and relief
12. To receive gifts, donations, grants and any agreed fees in terms of fundraising, cash or in kind for the purposes of promoting these objectives
13. Africa Bureau of Children's Discipleship (ABCD) shall hold occasional awareness seminars, compose songs and plays, which teach the society about how to care for Children
14. To remunerate any person, farm, organization or company save for voluntary workers rendering services or deliveries to the organization in cash or in kind

1. The Organization shall involve in charitable activities to the marginalized groups such as street Children, Women, youths, and person with disabilities
2. To Acquire, purchase, take or lease or in exchanging or in any other lawful manner any area, land, building or structure and to develop the same for any purpose of the Organization
3. To build and run 'PowerPlay' vocational training facilities, which will provide, sewing, carpentry and joinery training, brick laying, office practice, computer training and leadership for self employment
4. Organize and facilitate career guidance and counseling short-term training, to help the Christians make wise and meaningful choices in life
5. Shall organize evangelistic outreaches such as children crusades, personal evangelism, music dance and drama, games and sports in partnership with local faith based and other non-governmental organizations
6. Shall organize educative seminars, workshops, conferences, camps and teach the Christians the importance of hard work, job creation, good moral and how to become responsible persons
7. Though the various activities, the Africa Bureau of Children's Discipleship (ABCD) shall raise funds to help the marginalized children and their families
8. To do all such other things as may be deemed incidental or conductive to the attainment of the above goal and objectives
9. To remunerate any person rendering services to the Africa Bureau of Children's Discipleship (ABCD) by payment in cash or partly in cash and partly on longer or shorter-term credit
10. To draw, accept, discount, execute and issue promissory notes and other negotiable or transferable instruments to government or otherwise or any corporations or companies or persons having objects which may seem conductive to the benefits of this organization and to obtain from such government or authorities such rights and privileges as many be for the benefit of African Child

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