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Democratic Republic of the Congo -'The Village'

Rehabilitation camp for demobilized child soldiers in the outskirts of Beni in DR Congo CERAO is responsible for the running of a rehabilitation camp for demobilized child soldiers in the outskirts of Beni. This camp, often termed “The Village”, has been established to receive approximately 50 children, boys and girls, but the situation has at times demanded twice that number.

Rehabilitation camp for demobilized child soldiers in the outskirts of Beni in DR Congo


Rehabilitation camp for demobilized child soldiers in the outskirts of Beni in DR Congo

The camp also has a health station with medical services.

Apart from dorms and canteen, the camp also has a health station with medical services.

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According to Government regulations, the youngsters may stay in the Village for up to 2 months while our agents search for survivors among parents and relatives, in order that they may return home.
Entering the dorm

Bishop reclining on one of the bunk beds

The Village

Bishop with some of the residents

After such family reunification, continuous observation and support are programmed, within the limits of our Organization’s means.

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The Village


After 32 years of dictatorship and misrule Mobuto Sese Seko had to give in to an armed revolution. The population of the Congo had been united in overthrowing him, but when that battle was over and won, another began: a civil war that has, until now, costed 5.4 million human lives. As of today, the Democratic Republic of Congo is bankrupt, and far too many of its citizens have had to leave their homes and live in miserable camps for internally displaced persons (IDPs). Officially, there is peace, but the risk of another outbreak of war is constantly present and threatening.
Congo and the Congolese have always been losers when it came to the world’s attention and international consciousness of their situation and conditions of life. Admittedly there are both UN forces and many international non-governmental organizations (NGOs) present in the country, and many of them are performing a good and solid job. Still Congo has dropped behind most other needing countries when aid and assistance is concerned, and it is of essence to note that in a country as vast as this, with a very scant and scattered population and virtually no functioning infrastructure, as well as with a miserable economy, the risk of poverty, disease and misery is always at hand, and that there is practically no end to the need of humanitarian aid.

And, as always, poorest of all are the children. They are compelled to flee from their homes with or without their parents. Thus they lose their rights and possibilities to school and education – in a country with 90 % unemployment and a devastating and ongoing battle to obtain what little work and revenue there may be. NGOs are doing all they possibly can to help, but the demand will always be bigger than the means to meet it.

And what about those children who do not have any parents any more? Those who are left without any home, food, clothing or protection? There are far too many of them, and this is probably where help is the most needed, since orphans tend to disappear in a crowd. One does not take any notice of them till they die, and then, as we all know, it is too late.

This is the field where the Congolese NGO CERAO has made it their task to help. We hereby seek for partnership and support from willing friends, individuals and organization so that we can save this future generation.


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