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Island Impact Outreach Ministries-Trahalia’s testimony:

On arriving back from Bequia Monday July 31, IIOM had ministry at the hospital and the home for the elderly. I was privileged enough to go to the hospital (Milton Cato Hospital) in Kingstown. At the hospital I visited the children’s ward while the others went to the woman and men. There I felt so comfortable, I believe dealing with children is my calling hence I went to visit the children.
As I was there I was able to see children with different illnesses, such as asthma, broken legs and hands and even babies whose parents just gave birth and left them. I was able to share bible stories with them, chat with them about there family background and even held the babies and prayed as well. I really enjoyed the visit and I felt so free after praying for them. Despite I was in tears for practically the remainder of the day I know my heavenly Father was blessed at our ministry. What remain with me for a very long time and I believe is still in my memory is the baby whose mother left her. This showed me that we must respect our parents no matter the situation. The Word of God says Honour your mother and father that your days maybe long upon the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee.

Some of the lives impacted:


Elderly: Nola Peters, Racael Gordon- struggling

Isha- salvation

Zoanna Castello- 16yrs, abused, in need of a home

Coreen- Layou Andrew- Drunkard in need of salvation

South Rivers

Glenson Arrington- 19yrs, drugs addict

Patrick- Cocain addict

Kelron- converted

Kelrick- converted

Lockson- converted*

Troy- backslider*


Peter- Trinidadian living in St. Vincent (rasta), salvation

Winty- salvation

Glenford- salvation

Samuel Mitchell, Lance, Garnet- converted

Arnol-Drunkard in need of salvation

Daniel- Drunkard in need of salvation

Ashton-Drunkard in need of salvation

Tribute to:

Randi- who lost her uncle while on this trip, yet continued to give 110% to the ministry through her giants.

Kerwin- who celebrated his anniversary away from his wife, and gave 110% to the ministry.

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