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Island Impact Outreach Ministries- Saturday 22nd July 2006 (Day 1)

And so it began we file in the Grantley Adams International Airport. Some with sleep still on our minds, and we get prepare for what is to come. In the words of Katrina “I’m nervous and still excited at the same time”. Then it’s time for the usual checking in and giving our hugs and goodbyes. We are sent off to impact for the King and commissioned in prayer to do the Father’s will.

Arriving at E. T. Joshua was a breeze and once landed the group sought to load on and move off through the city for some supplies. It was evident the impact our uniforms made as we walked the streets of Kingstown. It was if to say St. Vincent your visitation is here, who will hear, who will heed, oh Lord what a task that lies before us.

Arriving at E. T. JoshuaAnd then it was off to Barrouallie Camp site with cries of, “are we there yet?” each lost in their thoughts, what awaits us…? Was it a prophecy in the song playing on the radio…”there will be mountains that I will have to climb…” Indeed mountains and valleys we crossed and we arrived at Barrouallie Kingdom Life Ministries, were we would call home, it didn’t look like much but who knew we would embrace this building…
Then there was the briefing and administrative duties were given and we settled into being prepared via practice for our first ministry in St. Vincent.

The first leg being D. V. B. S. (Daily Vacation Bible School) and though there were several concerns, misgivings and misunderstands one thing was clear we would work for the master, we would work for the sake of the children and the call was to press forward even with our limited resources at the. Therefore we prepared ourselves to meet the challenge. None of us was sure what to expect.

Then all that we wanted to do was sleep, and sleep we did.


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