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Island Impact Outreach Ministries-Thursday 3rd August 2006 (Day 13)

Our morning devotion was fiery to say the least. Our Trinidadian Bro. Simeon lead worship with ‘fire, fire, fire fall on me’; therefore a thought comes, surly if we are all together in one place, as in the day of Pentecost, the Spirit will descend as we unite.

Debbie then shared her testimony and called us to recognize our purpose: Luke19: 13, 2Peter 1: 3, 2 Tim 3: 16-17. Following this Bro. Charles then exhorted us on having a covenant relationship: To be with the individual for better or worse in sickness or in health. Be committed to each other just as David and Jonathan were. Let it be such a relationship that as is written about Jesus, there are also many other things that if they should be written the world itself could not contain the books that should be written.
Our purpose -continues to be revealed in greater measure. To the spring some went for that refreshing, as there was one shower, the men, took to bathing there, while some of the ladies joined them. Fellowship, fun and more faith test were found on the way. In the mist the converts of the night returned early to gain more of the word and some brought gifts of oranges, mangoes, cane, corn, bananas, and lemons. Is this how Melchizedek felt?

Then came time to enter the community again one last time, for the night was coming quickly and we would say our goodbyes to South River. The Spirit moved again though differently He moved. Sis. Lystra gave her testimony of God healing her and what He is able to do in the life of an individual. Then we were off to home, tired, drained, but blessed to have been of service to be used by God. That night we went to bed in the morning. Ah Lord God, how we love you.


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