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Island Impact Outreach Ministries- Monday 7th August 2006 (Day 17)

The time9: 35a.m, the latest we ever held devotions. Bro. Richard lead us into ‘Holiness, holiness, is what we long for’. Bro. Quincy (Vincentian with us) exhorted us through his personal testimony, “how to deal with our giants”. Giants being those obstacles and testing that can cause us to lose our focus. In order to deal with our giants we must have made preparation. Take comfort, when you would wish to worry, the battle is the Lord’s. You are not alone in your fight.

K. F. C.

It was then off to town to see what could be bought. Not forgetting the banquet that was to be prepared for us by the people of Kingdom Life Ministries in Barrouallie, as way of saying thank you for sharing. A great time was had by all, (St. Vincentians and all alike he he he).

Date: Tuesday 8 th August 2006 (Day 18)

Heading home!The time had arrived, time for home, and we all knew, apart of us was not prepared for this leg yet. Sis. Randi lead us in ‘Purify my heart’. Sis. Joy-Ann spoke on the race of purity: Jerimiah 13: 1-12, 2 Cor6: 17,18, 2Cor 7: 1. Sometimes in this race we hid ourselves from what God is doing. As we run God wants us to cling to Him. He wants to show off what He is doing in us. How do we become pure James 4: 7, 10 submit to God.

Brother Michael then shared his final thoughts from Philippians 4:8,9, finally brethren whatsoever things
2Thess 3: 1-3, finally brethren and not forgetting Ehp6: 10- 18, finally brethren



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