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Island Impact Outreach Ministries- Wednesday2nd August 2006 (Day 12)

As I arose at the song of, ‘I love you Lord’ in the air at devotions, purpose began to reform in our mind. We prepared for war and battle. The call was to above all offer praise and worship unto God. Bro. Terrance exhorted from Ps. 33:1, Heb13: 15, John 4: 23, 24, and Rev22: 8,9. In short the way we live our lives does not show the way we ought to give to God. Question: do we give that honour and reverence to God, the way we live our lives do we respect God, do we worship God really are we giving God what He desires. The conclusion let us not be lukewarm.

Bro. Charles then shared a thought: we are to be impacting each other first. We were then told to get to know the individual to whom we were near (my own being Pastor Jessop). Following this stirring devotion the team made its preparation for South Rivers. Pastor Jessop then focused on Personal evangelism:

1. Secular life- career, things enjoy doing (sports, music), etc.
2. Church background
3. Our church/ group
4. Testimony: (church group- IIOM), personal before, then, after
5. Two important question- if you were to die, were would you spend eternity?
Gospel: Grace, Man’s condition, God, Christ, Faith
6. Means of growth- bible, prayer, worship, witness, and fellowship.

So we set out for South Rivers not knowing the journey before us and oh what a journey of two hours strong and yet a greater purpose of unity was being forged as communion on drinks and diversion biscuits and bananas were shared. To God be the glory. We arrived part of the journey over. What remains now we wait to see.
New Life Prayer Tabernacle- Host Pastor Casmus John.


Our temporary home became: New Life Prayer Tabernacle- Host Pastor Casmus John. As Jesus sent out His disciples in twos and threes, our groups were off into the community armed with tracks and invitations to the service.

So it began, I was given the opportunity to share my testimony and minister in song. Little did I know, that there was a young lady right at that verge of giving up who would later share what my testimony did for her. To God be the Glory. Well we meet and invited to the service the following individuals (please view separate sheet under South Rivers for total testimony). God truly ministered. That night devotions lead by our Bro Cameron refreshed our weary bodies, and Psalm 23: 4 was used to encourage us that God would restore unto us. I was given the opportunity to lead this devotion. In the words of one Sister when asked what she gained from the devotion she said, “which is.... Our vessels should be in such a way that God could use us. God wants to restore us in every way possible. Make yourself available for the move of God“. God promised to restore us.

We then slept in the sanctuary on sleeping bags. Isn’t God amazing? WOW!


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