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St Vincent Bank Holiday Island Tour

Our Trinidadian Sis. Jasmine, (Pastor Jessop’s daughter), lead us a stirring praise session to awake our hearts and weary minds with; ‘You deserve the glory’, ‘saturate me with your anointing’, and ‘open the eyes of my heart’, followed by ‘God is a good God’ (He’s above, below and beside me), ‘Glory Glory Lord’, for ‘Jesus is the winner man’ and finally ‘we have the victory’. Once we seemed awake our Sis. Stacy then stirred our hearts further by challenging us to walk uprightly: focused being on Jehoshaphat. With the help of God we to should seek to acquire and be as he was. He had a strategic plan, he did not allow the world to dictate his actions but he followed the will of God whole-heartedly. He was against everything that God was against.

Bank Holiday in St VincentThen it was off to the River, in the initial stages it was to be Souffiere, but due to the inclement weather we were advised not to go there. I thought it funny though that while persons where hammering in preparation, the Christians where listening to a different radio program and was hanging clothes out to dry. So instead, off we went to Richmond’s River. The journey we took to get there was an act of faith. Abraham left and went where he knew not, and I guess like us along the way there were challenges and uncertainties, but the reward came when we reached.

The riverThe river itself was an act of total surrender; “let go and let God” came the cry from many. Down the mountain they came with “bottoms” being massaged for free by the rocks. Those who surrendered came three or four times, while others went once or halfway. Yet some still stayed on the sidelines still not prepared at the time to let go and dive in from the comforts. Then came our custom made changing room, nature at its best, trees and grass, oh what a long way we have come.

The river

St VincentThen came the intimacy of bounding over a meal of: Calla Lou soup, chichi cakes, with bakes and salt fish, the sharing thoughts, dreams and ambitions in the family of God. In all the fellowship was rich and enjoyed immensely by all. May we not forget the rich time and rich lessons learnt at Richmond. Yet in the mist of this lesson came one tiny question, could we have made it to the Souffiere and back, is that not we had prayed about. In all lessons to live and learn, homeward bound. Funny thing when did it become home? Hum?

That evening, devotions were lead by our Trini Sis. Renelle: who has a powerful testimony of arriving with a brace around her neck due to an accident the Wednesday before arriving in St. Vincent. She was unable to move her neck, and her back ached in great pain, but God. This sister was then healed during worship the Sunday in Bequia. She now stands before us and encourages us to use our gifts to the Glory of God. In order to love God you must first love yourself and your brother. How can you say you love God whom you cannot see and hate your brother who you can see?


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