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Island Impact Outreach Ministries-Sunday 30th July 2006 - Church

Morning devotions reminded us of all the reasons why we are the body of Christ and in a way what we will always need.
The church - in love, fellowship, communion, worship, preaching one thing was evident, it was not about that which was temporary but eternal. So despite the buckets, the larva, it has been a rich experience of being the family of God.The spirit continues to place us outside of our comfort zone, and we grow. Church
Alicia Olton shared her ministry in dance, “I need an angel”, and the ministering of “Take me into the Holy of Holies“ (baje & trini), not forgetting Aveon‘s special rendition.
The Host Pastor The Host Pastor alluded to a small miracle where all these ladies could be dressed and ready for church before time; some said that it was a great miracle. We then turned our attention to Sunday school and making melodies in our heart to the king of king.
Our Trinidadian Sis. Lystra turned our attention to Psalm 1, and not giving up. We then turned our attention to the word that compelled us to understand the power of refocusing this word was delivered by our Trinidadian Pastor. Jessop, to look away from the things that capture our mind and practice selective forgetfulness, forget those things that are behind and look to Jesus.

There was a mighty move as we went forward to the altar old and young.
Sunday morning ministry
Bequia fun and fellowship at the beach With a quick lunch, it was off to the beach with a quick detour to Mr. Brown for a glass of ice cold refreshing water. In this Christian walk there would be mountains to climb but we must not give up. Just one of the uphill lessons we learnt on our way to our fun and fellowship at the beach.
While there we witnessed a funeral in procession and I couldn’t help thinking/ feeling in the mist of life we are in darkness. Death comes so easily, yet as the song rose “when the roll is called up yonder”, I knew we would be there. Still it stated that we could not waste anytime, for time was critical.


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