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Island Impact Outreach Ministries-Monday 31st July 2006 (Day 10)

Back to St VincentWe arose and made our preparations for leaving Bequia. In a way, sorry to go. We got prepared and we were on our way with dear Bro Mitchell taking our luggage down to the ferry for us. The trip back was spent in much turmoil, as the sea was rough. On arriving we set about shopping for more supplies and in the back of our minds preparing ourselves for outreach ministries to the various institutions. On congregating at our regular meeting spot, “Courts”, after getting a bite to eat, the first arm of the team comprising of twelve was off to the elderly home.

The Lewis Punnett Home is situated at Glen in the Calliaqua Health District (East St. George’s Parish). The home was created to house the destitute elderly of S. V. G. At present the home is being swamped by many young mentally challenged persons, as there is no home to house the also young paraplegic whose relatives have abandoned them. The institution has a bed capacity of one hundred and seven (107), 50 males and 57 females. There our faith was challenged to arise, like the man told to take up thy bed and walk, we were moved and stirred in our spirit. The question was asked, what stops us from seeing these individuals healed and restored for the glory of the a Lord. Yet, in the mist of it all there were some highlights of choral ling, singing and being uplifted by those with whom we came to minister to.

St Vincent hospitalThose who ventured to the hospital shared on the males ward where they prayed for the males who had diabetes and other diseases, and a teen age boy who had his foot bent playing football when he was younger. *(view Trahalia’s testimony at the end.

We finally turned out attention back to base. Our devotions that night focused on Hail Jesus you’re my King, the ancient of days. Sis. Listra drew our attention to Romans 12:1. Our daily presentation to our Father, as a living sacrifice, fulfilling our service to the Lord. Bro. Terrance who came on the Elderly visitation challenged us,” are we truly allowing the Holy Spirit to be Lord of our lives.

Our Trinidadian Bro. Simone challenged us that the next encounter meeting we should have all grown to the point that we would lay hands on the sick and see them recover.

We then learnt that our Sis. Aveon will be leaving us. Then realizing the tragedy of losing a family member that we had just gained. My, how close we have gotten in such a short space of time. We then were treated to one of her special solos, “thank you for the cross Lord”, we then gave our individual farewells and ended in prayer.


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