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Island Impact Outreach Ministries- Saturday 29th July, 2006 (Day 8)

Morning devotions took off with ‘hear my cry oh Lord’, and we were admonished by our Trinidadian brother Charles to remember to have no fear, God knows what He is doing. As He works only the potter knows what He wants us to be. He sees us as something great. Therefore Keep Focus Comrade (KFC).

The Bequia Express As this message sunk in it was off to Bequia and our lullaby (the Bequia Express) that rock us to sleep. On arriving I meet a wonderful gentlemen Samuel Mitchell… little did I know this was the Father’s divine orchestration for later.
After gathering a few supplies we were off to Bequia Pentecostal, “onward Christian soldier “ came to mind in the upward climb of the hill, and then there it was, our home for the next two days. Well after settling in it was off to inform our neighbors in the surrounding areas of our mission, and to encourage them to come and be blessed.

BequiaThe evening outreach proved to be a blessing to all, Garnet our coconut and teatime biscuit supplier and participator of our importuned open air serviced promised to be there at the concert. Continuing our trek we encountered Arnold, Lance, Daniel, Ashton and based on these people’s response, I would say the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. One concern to me is that Bequia seems to have a strong religious spirit, a form of godliness.

Well since our water supply came from a cistern our heavenly Father did not disappoint His children. So sure enough on returning home, the only song that could be song in my mind from the comfort of inside would be, “its coming down, down, down”. With thunder and lightning the rained poured to ensure that there was water available for us.

Our devotions that night came from Sis Trahalia who encouraged us as we went out into the mission field it was important that we knew God’s word. This is to equip us to be able to give an answer to him that should ask us the hope of our calling. From this exhortation Sis Stephanie shared the fact of why it was so important to her to know God’s word for herself after encountering and witnessing to a gentleman on the ferry.


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