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Island Impact Outreach Ministries-Friday 3rd August 2006 (Day 14)

Friday devotions was lead by the Trinidadian percussion band of sausage tots, bottles & spoons, there was even a twig, as we made a joyful noise unto the Lord. God continues to renew our strength. We were admonished by our Bro Mark (trini) to lay down our lives for a friend, as in the life of Ruth and Naomi. Bro. Germaine (trini) told us to have faith in God, trust Him and believe that He is able, for we are living our lives for Him. The conclusion is that we must exercise our faith, for faith without works is dead. Without faith it is impossible to please Him. He that cometh to God must believe that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.
We were then given the opportunity to go to town and browse around knowing that very soon the concert preparations would be started. I pause to say here that while going to Bequia there was a sense of fear that all was not done for the people of St. Vincent and Barrouallie, yet as we made the trip to town, this anxiety was gone and peace, and satisfaction replaced the fear. The barrels of clothes were made available and individuals’ needs were being met and daily individuals who knew of needs sent them to receive.

Oh the Awesomeness of God at work in dance, drama, and worship. Well back home, we prepared the drama ‘Answered the call’ again, and said yes as God continue to call us even to a greater level of commitment. Oh the Awesomeness of God at work in dance, drama, and worship. Hey you know what, “I AM A FRIEND OF GOD!!!!!” Behold the move of God.
So at 12: 40 we made our way back home, good thing it’s only a stone throw away. Bro. Richard shared and so did our Trini Bro. Festus- “the heart that is smart” Ps51: 1-6. This heart wouldn’t stop when there are obstacles in the way, but would repent and make it right.



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