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Island Impact Outreach Ministries- Sunday 6th August 2006 (Day 16)

As the Trinidadians made their preparations to leave, it was done with mixed emotions. Our newfound friend Lystra made an impact and left with us her prayers for each of us within our room, (including our two visitors Joy-Ann, and Jasmine).

We were then ushered off to our separate meeting places, where the Bajan went to Reyland Hill, and the Trinis went to Layou. The separation process had begun. Sis Nicole led in the special, ‘thank you for the cross’, at Pembroke Pentecostal Assembly. I was once again given the opportunity to share my testimony. Bro. Kerwin brought the word: Are we being profitable? The kingdom of God requires that we work. We must use what we have been given and increase it, don’t be wicked and lazy. Use your talents for the glory of the Lord. Come out of your comfort zone and reach beyond. We must be profitable and not just break even.

Focus on the Kingdom; our ministry is to bless someone. Whatever you have is to be used for the Lord. Many came and made the recommitment to the service of the Lord. Communion was shared and we were on our way again. Back to Layou to join our Trinidadian brothers and sisters, and what do you know; to share in a second communion.

It was here as we returned that things became just a bit quiet. They were leaving; they just came. Lunch was used to share our sentiments, was this how the disciples felt when Jesus was making His goodbyes as well? Then they were off, with some promises of calls, and St. Kitts, and anniversaries, and down by the riverside. Our final service was in the form of testimonies.

Bro. Kelvin shared in devotions, ‘create in me a clean heart oh God’. Sis. Katherine who would be leaving then shared that (Rom8: 28) we all go through some trials to be more like Christ. Thought these situations can be crippling we are nevertheless useful to the Father. We also witnessed object lessons of foil, $20 & a pencil, to hammer home the point. These trials enable us to be there to help others, build up our faith, and show forth God’s blessings.


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