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Island Impact Outreach Ministries-Sunday 23rd July 2006 (Day 2)

Draw me close to you was our cry as we started our devotions early in the morning. Lend by Katherine, we were then reminder by Bro. Roger in his devotions of God’s providential care, “the Lord is my shepherd”. He is not only our shepherd but also the shepherd of the world, and in His time He will give us what we need; for indeed we lack nothing. If we have it not, we simply don’t need it at this time/ we would not know what to do with it. And with that we were off, to a scrumptious breakfast and a solid word: after separating into our classes for Sunday school for a brief period. Our St. Vincent, Sis. Fraser led this class as a review of other sessions and encouraged the people to prayer. Remembering that whether it be negative or positive God will answer our prayer. Therefore ask Him about everything, pray frequently, and spend time alone with Him. Then we were together again for Sunday morning worship… can you hear these praises… A special dance by our Sis. Nicole enhanced the Sunday morning worship “thank you for loving me“(this was just the beginning). We were challenged to speak life by Bro Michael Haynes: be a conduit, have a distinctive attitude, practical application of the message of reconciliation. Here on this note we witnessed several married couples recommitted to their spouse. Our God is an awesome God. After our meal it was time for chores- and ensuring that we disciplined soldiers maintain our physical environment (clean up duties).

Then we were off to Mesopotamia… rich ministry, dancers (Alicia Olton, This is the Air I breathe, and Nicole Atherley, thank you for loving me) musicians played, the people testified. In every thing God’s name was exalted. Men came forward to say, “Use me Lord Jesus”, the young came to say, “I too want to be a missionary”, and one lady (name unknown) gave her heart to the Lord. To God be the glory. Ministering in  song and dance

Open our eyes Lord was the call of the night devotions lead by Kerwin: Isaiah 6: 1-8 was examined and we were told to worship and within this worship remember the great commission found in Mat 28: 16. Commission to go we must therefore remember worship is a lifestyle, transparency in our lives…


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