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Island Impact Outreach Ministries-Friday 28th July 2006 (Day 7)

Seven marks the day of completion and as the sun rose for a brief moment the final day of D. V. B. S drew to a close. And the dawn of the Prison Ministry began with three: (Travis, Kerwin, and Michael) going off to the prison. O’neal encouraged us to remember that we have within us treasure and power that we could draw upon at this critical time. We must recognize our worth we were compared to sheep and eagles and reminded we need to be careful how we treated our temple… Therefore we were encouraged to take vitamins as well to help maintain our energy.
Bro Terrance did the closing of D. V. B. S. The curtain came down in grand style with a summary and a bible quiz. These candidates were selected as the best-behaved individuals within D. V. B. S. The winner of this challenged immerged as Myana Fraser of the intermediate class (may I say of whom, I was one of the teachers accompanied by Delores Benjamin). She therefore received the challenged trophy and was encouraged to take care of it until next year, this same time. Upon this ending all craft was completed and once again it was time for fellowship and refreshments.

Entered the Trinidadians and the main questions, “who are they, what do they look like”, came to mind first. Then most importantly the notion of reinforcements was coming to strengthen the arm. We were at first a bit reserved and on reaching back to base, and on finding two very mature women in our room. Then over coming our anxieties we introduced ourselves and got prepared for youth service concert.

Youth meeting Youth meeting … ministry wide and varied, couldn’t help wondering if this was how it was on the day of Pentecost…and how beautiful heaven must be for us all to fellowship and exalt His name together. Let us all continue to run the Christian race, so that we would see each other on the other side.

There were specials by the St. Vincent arm, mime and drama by the Trinidadian arm, and not to forget the Barbadian arm. In all it was truly a night to remember. Then it was back to base to receive our instructions for the day ahead.

Bequia here we come!!!!!!!!!


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