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Haiti vision

Although Haiti has one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, it is a country full of poverty and illiteracy.

It is suffering for a lack of leaders. It is for this reason that we endeavor to bring hope to this small corner of the world, through a practical child care, educational, empowerment, vocational training, project called 'Help for Haiti'

It is our aim to raise up Godly leaders who will bring positive changes for the future of Haiti, both naturally and spiritually.

UCT and its partners have been assisting persons and undertaking initiatives to bring help to Haitians especially school children in the form of the Child Sponsorship Programme.

Hence in its Help for Haiti program, UCT seeks to bring a holistic approach and initiatives to bring Socioeconomic help and empowerment to Haitians in these areas and others over a five year period.


.It is our vision in the future to build a PowerPlay Child Care Centre comprising of 12 villas providing home to 72 orphan children. Housed within a foster family environment with 6 - 12 children per home.


UCT's PowerPlay Child Care Complex will consists of:

• Schools - Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary including playing field and sports facilities
• Art & Cultural Centre
• Vocational Centre including Adult Education, Literacy and Language centre
• Child Health Clinic including Maternity Care and care of the Disabled.
• Factories for Commercial Enterprises

Activities in the complex can be categorized thus

Family and Children Empowerment Programs.

Arts and Craft and Cultural programs.

Commercial Ventures.

Agro Enterprises.

The hurricane resistant properties will encompass the educational complex which will range from Pre Primary, Primary to Secondary school level. The schools will be built around large playing fields and recreational facilities

.It is our goal to establish a Vocational Training Centre coupled with Empowerment Leadership Conferences to develop future leaders.

Within the compound there will be a Wellness Centre and Child Health clinic. With a focus on AIDS education as well as a Rehabilitation Educational Vocational Training Empowerment Centre for people with Disability.

There will be an Art & Creative Centre to encourage artistic, dance, musical and dramatic talents.

This building will also be used as the After School Club. Here we will expose the children to three different educational and empowerment ministries.

All these ministries are fun, activity orientated, educational, American based programmes.

UCT is looking to partner with them and seeks to establish a Caribbean version to be used in the After School Club.



Agro Forestry

There is a serious deforestation problem in Haiti and UCT is seeking to address this problem by an extensive tree planting programme.

One of the trees that we are seeking to establish is the Mauby tree. The bark can be used to produce Mauby Syrup and UCT is in negotiation with a local Barbadian company that specializes in this product and is keen to extend into Haiti.

Fruit trees will be planted especially a special hybrid Miniature Golden Apple tree. This tree will be vital for the success of the fruit pulp factory. It matures in two years and with adequate irrigation produces fruit most of the year.

This will also include large areas of land planted with Mulberry trees.

The utilization of Moriculture, the cultivation of mulberry trees to reclaim arid land and prevent slippage, has been well documented over the centuries. Moriculture has been used to promote afforestation and thereby erosion control in damaged or arid areas. Slope reclamation solutions abound with the use of mulberry which has a positive impact on the natural resource base.

Historically, silk has formed the sustainable basis of the grassroots economy of the People's Republic of China for over 5,000 years.

Regionally sericulture was also practiced in Trinidad until Methane technology took precedence. Sericulture is also practiced on a very small scale in Guyana while peace silk is reared in the Dominican Republic by an Origon based cooperative. Barbados joined 200 plus years ago. This tactile textile which has financed wars and influenced peace, provides a baseline for an international high standard of living, is regarded as an excellent alternative to agro-sustainability and provides jobs and quality lifestyle enhancements. UCT is looking to work in association with Mulburry Patch Inc to introduce sericulture into Haiti as part of our Gender Initiative.

UCT is negotiating with International organizations to establish a Moringa tree farm and processing plant. Initially we have established three pilot projects in Les Cayes and Les Martineaur.

Moringa has great use medicinally both as preventative and treatment. The Moringa or Miracle tree prevents 300 diseases. One area in which there has been significant scientific research is the reported antibiotic activity of this tree. The leaves contain all essential amino acids and are rich in protein, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C and minerals.

For urban families involved in the Family Empowerment Programme we are introducing a sewing machine project to enable the women to sew the school uniforms for the children involved in the Child Sponsorship Programme. UCT would like to see this project extend with adequate funding.

This project must be sustainable so we aim to build a 'Mission Holiday Village' to house missionaries and church youth groups visiting Haiti to help with the project.

There will also be the potential for Student Exchange Holidays. As the children of the Caribbean get more and more involved in the Make Jesus Smile shoe box project they will become more aware of the children of Haiti and the potential for Student holidays at the Mission Holiday Village is immense.

Sports Evangelism will be one of the major niche markets that are targeted. UCT will partner with World Sports Ministries their mission is to reach and help other's reach the lost world through sport with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

  • To educate, encourage and partner with outreaching churches, ministries and individuals in proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ using sport and leisure evangelism.
  • To assemble, co-ordinate, train and activate local area interdenominational teams to evangelize through sport in the countries that God calls us to.
  • To support and encourage specific sport ministries in fulfilling their calling in the Kingdom of God.
  • To form relationships with, help disciple and prepare for sports ministry, sport's men and women who serve Jesus Christ.
  • To reach and assist schools and sport's clubs, providing sporting resources and quality coaching.
  • To help unite the body of Christ through team work and outreaches.
  • To teach sport's participants God's plan for them in the sporting arena.

It is our aim to raise up Godly leaders who will bring positive changes for the future of Haiti, both naturally and spiritually, we feel that this programme will have dynamic effects on the community and we plan to use Les Cayes as the pilot project.

Other areas in Haiti have been identified for similar projects and other areas in the Caribbean have also been identified including Suriname and Guyana to the south, Carriacou and the Carib Territory in Dominica and as far north as Cuba and Jamaica.

Lands and personal have been identified in some of these areas to take this project forward regionally.


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