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Rehabilitation Education and Vocational Empowerment Training Centres (REVTEC)

The mission is to build better futures through the delivery of health care, education and social services. We embrace a culturally diverse community and provide the highest quality care.

UCT seeks to establish Rehabilitation Education and Vocational Empowerment Training Centres (REVTEC) in Haiti aimed at enabling persons with Disabilities to reach and maintain an optimum physical, sensory, intellectual, psychiatric and/or social functional level, thus providing them with the tools to change their lives towards a higher level of independence.

An effective Rehabilitative Service to persons with Disabilities is critical in order to achieve and sustain their optimum level of independence and functioning. The development of such a much needed ‘Community based Rehabilitation Program’ is inclusive of Vocational Training, sheltered productive workshops and resource facilities, including counselling, health promotion and nutrition.

We seek to ensure equal opportunities in all areas of development of their lives for persons with Disabilities that would enhance the quality of their lives in order that each person would reach his/her maximum potential. Such equalisation of opportunities should help to eliminate marginalisation and discrimination. We look to do this through the Provision of Sheltered Employment such as production workshops and self-employment schemes for persons who are unable to compete effectively on the open market.

There is an enormous need to establish measures that will ensure achievement of the below objectives.

1. The encouragement of persons with Disabilities to utilise their artistic and intellectual potential for their own benefit and enrichment of their communities.
2. The adaptation of public entertainment areas such as beaches, gym halls, cinemas, hotels, restaurants and museums where possible, to facilitate accessibility to persons with Disabilities.
3. The expansion of adequate opportunities, facilities and equipment for sporting activities. There is adequate land at March Field to accomplish this.
11. The inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in cultural activities such as music, dance, theatre, worship and painting thus allowing for their contribution to community enhancement.

The Child Health Care Centre aims to be a centre of excellence supporting and empowering communities to continually improve the health, wellbeing and quality of life of children and their families, now and for the future.

The centre will promote good health practices, preventive action, early detection and early intervention. It considers that:
• The early years of children's lives have a significant impact on their physical, behavioural and social development later in life.
• Many conditions and common problems faced by children are preventable or can be improved if they are recognised and managed early.
• The best results are achieved where professionals work in close partnership with parents who are supported and empowered to make the best choices for their children.
• Supporting and strengthening community-based professionals and organisations ensures the best chance of good outcomes for children and their families.
• Academic institutions can play a major role in contributing to public policy, as well as facilitating integration and continuity between preventive and curative health care, and between hospitals and community-based services.

UCT seeks to establish a Pre Natal Medical Care Centre it will be open to all expectant mothers in the Baby Sponsorship Program and those mothers who fall under the umbrella of the project.

Mothers involved in this program will be entitled to regular weekly prenatal medical care:
• Every month from the 1st week through the 28th week
• Every two weeks from the 29th week through the 36th week
• Weekly from the 37th week until delivery
Type of care:

A typical prenatal visit may include any/all of the following:
• Weight measurement
• Blood pressure measurement
• Measurement of the uterus to check for proper growth of the fetus
• Physical examination of the mother to identify problems or discomforts (i.e., swelling of the hands and feet)
• Urine test to measure sugar and protein levels, which can indicate diabetes or preeclampsia (a condition characterized by pregnancy-induced high blood pressure, protein in the urine, and swelling due to fluid retention)
• Fetal heart rate measurement
• Distribution of vitamins



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