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PowerClubs—What Are they?

PowerClubs, the outreach arm of Kids in Ministry International, are local children's ministries in a wide variety of communities around the world. They are started and conducted by individuals who desire to see children evangelized, born again, filled with the Holy Spirit, grounded in the word of God, operating in the gifts of the Spirit, and becoming active, functioning
members in the body of Christ. Though some are a part of local churches, most are held in backyards, neutral locations, schools, slums, ghettos, and homes. While some of the leaders are experienced children's ministers, many others have never worked with children before, but have caught the vision of taking children further into the things of the Spirit. In many situations
PowerClubs are in essence "planting churches of children."

What Makes Us Unique?

PowerClubs have been designed specifically for Pentecostal and Charismatic churches.
However, the concepts and principles can be used for any children’s ministry regardless of affiliation.

The core values of a PowerClub are:

· Teaching children the meat and deeper truths of God’s word
· Equipping them for the work of the ministry
· Creating an atmosphere where children can experience the presence of God

PowerClubs are conducted on a weekly basis and follow a simple but effective pattern for conducting a full children's service. This includes games, action, and humor that move into worship, revelation, and ministry through the Holy Spirit. Every meeting is designed to give the children an opportunity to encounter the presence of God in some way at some point.

Every lesson gives children the deeper truths of the scriptures going much farther than simply teaching basic Bible stories. This is done through the use of curriculums published by Kids in Ministry International. Every child is taught to hear the voice of God, become prayer warriors and intercessors, pray for the sick, share their faith and operate in the gifts of the Spirit.

In short, they are activated into the believers’ ministries as described in Matthew 28:19-20, Mark 16:15-16, and Acts 2:16-17.

Leaders are given specific training through Kids in Ministry International before launching their own PowerClubs.

Why PowerClubs?

Many people who have a heart for children’s ministry have become frustrated at the low level of spiritual growth in the children they serve even after years of being in the church. They have recognized that their children are capable of going much farther spiritually than they have been given opportunity to do. They have desired to take their children in the deeper things of God but have lacked resource materials and methods to do it. The PowerClub model gives the leaders all of the training and the tools they need to develop spiritual maturity in their children.


PowerClubs International offers practical training in how to minister to children,
empowering adults to teach, train, and equip children to do the work of ministry and release them in their giftings and callings. This can be done through a live training event, completing the full Leading the Lambs to the Lion Correspondence Course, or through the modified PowerClubs QuickStart Materials (see below).


It should be noted that neither PCI nor Kids in Ministry International is offering nor implying that leaders will be “hired,” given salaries or any other financial compensation for their work in PowerClubs except for a few special cases in underdeveloped nations. The position of PowerClub leader is strictly a volunteer position.

Qualifications to be a PowerClub Leader

PowerClub leaders must be born-again.

Ideally, they should be filled with the Holy Spirit. But if for some reason they are not at this time, they must be completely open to the experience and have no doctrinal issues preventing them from whole-heartedly promoting the experience to their children.

PC leaders need to be in covenant or relationship with a local church or stable body of believers to whom they consider themselves accountable.

PC leaders cannot have had any criminal record of any type of physical or sexual abuse with children or adults and may be asked to provide a police background report.

PC leaders cannot have any substance abuse problems with drugs or alcohol.

PC leaders should not have a history of mental illness without a medical explanation that would deem them safe to work with children.

PC leaders may not be practicing homosexuals and must not endorse or embrace this in any way as a lifestyle choice.

How to Become a PowerClub Leader

Fill out an application form to begin a PowerClub. This can be done at a live training event, or by taking training by correspondence.
Before approval of the application, a police background check must be made by KIMI or by the applicant with a copy sent to KIMI offices in nations where it is available.
The Pastoral recommendation must be sent to the KIMI offices or given to a KIMI representative.
Sign and submit the following forms: the International Child Protection Policy and the KIMI Statement of Faith and Purpose.
Go through the training process. This can be done through a live training conference, completing the full Leading the Lambs to the Lion Correspondence Course, or through the PowerClubs QuickStart Materials (see below). After completion a certificate will be awarded to you giving you the official approval to begin your Club.
Choose a location and time to begin your PowerClub, along with a creative name and submit this information to KIMI.
Select a partner to help you lead your PowerClub. They must fill out the application form, the International Child Protection Policy and the Statement of Faith and Purpose and sign and submit them to the KIMI offices. It is not necessary for them to complete the PC training,
however, you are responsible for making sure they are in agreement with the core values of how we conduct the PowerClub meetings.
You will be asked to report quarterly how many children are attending your Club and which KIMI materials you have been using. You will also be asked to tell us about the results of your ministry, including any testimonies you think would encourage other PC leaders.

PowerClub QuickStart Materials

The book by Becky Fischer Redefining Children’s Ministry in the 21st Century
The PowerClub Handbook of Games and Reports
Official PowerClub Application form
Twelve (12) training CDs or DVDs to study before beginning your club (these come from the Leading the Lambs to the Lion Training Correspondence Course.)

Titles Include:

Evaluating the Church and Her Children
Kids as a Mission Field
Generational Destiny
What the Prophets Are Saying About this Generation
Tips on Kids and the Prophetic
The Model of a PowerClub Service
Reaching the Heart of a Child through Games
The Art of Visual Illustration
Leading Children in Worship
Using Kids in Ministry Curriculums Effectively
Altar Services as an Art Form
Discipline Guidelines and Setting Boundaries

Starter Pack Curriculum (consists of 13 children’s sermons/lessons taken from our other KIMI curriculums which are the basic doctrines and what we consider the most important sermons for starting with your children. This will give you 13 to 26 weeks of teaching material depending on the length of your teaching time. If you already own Kids in Ministry curriculums, you will not need this item.)
The International Child Protection Policy (to be read, signed and returned to PCI)
Statement of Faith & Purpose (to be read, signed and returned to PCI)
Report Forms

Haiti Kids' Power Clubs -Statement of Faith and Purpose

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