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KIMI Haiti Kids EE Haiti Summer Camps Teacher Training

Maranatha Kids EE Summer Camp-

Special thanks to Power in the Blood church in Barbados that sponsored this Summer Teacher Training Camp .

Click to see the children receiving their Make Jesus Smile shoeboxes as Jenny returned to Haiti in January to distribute the 2,500 boxes packed by the children of Barbados.

Thanks to Pastor Pierre Banes LAURORE (seen here on the left) the National Director of Evangelism Explosion in Haiti that traveled with Jenny, founder of United Caribbean Trust, to assist with with the Kids' EE training.

The Purpose of Kids' Evangelism Explosion is to glorify God by equipping adults worldwide to teach children the Gospel; to clarify it for them, bring them to saving faith in Jesus Christ, and assist them to become witnesses for the Lord Jesus Christ.

Dramas also allows for interaction with the children and to help to reinforce learning.


It’s time to put on our BIG glasses... so we can read the Word of God and our BIG ears, so we can hear from God.

Kids worldwide have fun making this take home truth seen here the orphan children from Maranatha Ministries.

Kids EE gives children more opportunity to learn to express their faith experience using skits and drama. Following Jesus' example of story telling. Dramas and illustrations help to clarify the Gospel message.

Many of the children in Maranatha heard the Salvation message in a new and exciting way and gave their lives to Jesus.

Seen below receiving their certificates

This week the children were Spiritually and physically fed.

Haiti is the poorest country in the Western hemisphere, and one of the most disadvantaged countries in the developing world. It ranks 153 out of 177 countries on the UNDP Human Development Index (2004). 75% of Haitians live on less than US$2 per day, while 55% live on less than US$1 per day.

Thanks to the congregation of Power in the Blood church in Barbados that enabled us to feed these children this summer camp.Not only the children but 30 teachers from 15 different ministries including 8 principles from different schools in the St Marc region.

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