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The name of the building company has been changed for presentation purposes it has been renamed ‘The Building System’ (TBS.)

TBS has achieved a breakthrough in building technology. This revolutionary, precision-engineered system will cut construction costs and provide durable, ecologically sound and custom-designed buildings. Engineered to withstand hurricanes and earthquakes, and built with quality materials that are resistant to rot and termite infestation, TBS is the optimal solution for building in the Caribbean and Latin America today.

When compared with conventional construction methods, the Building System is a better value because of the many standard features not supplied with most building systems used in the Caribbean or Latin America. Finished buildings have the same appearance as conventionally constructed wood or masonry structures. With the addition of custom features, completed homes can match local architectural styles.

The exceptional value of a TBS home becomes clear after studying the earthquake and hurricane resistance that is built into and guaranteed with every structure. Very few, if any, conventionally constructed or system built buildings guarantee the structural integrity of their designs in hurricane or earthquake regions. The Building System carries a USD $14,000,000. Product Liability Cover that backs up their guarantee.

When comparing costs, the TBS building is typically less expensive to complete than a conventionally built structure that is built to an equivalent engineering standard and quality of finish. Insurance premiums are typically less costly than conventional construction. TBS utilizes very high quality materials that offer low maintenance as well as resistance to termites, fire and rot. After comparing all of the features, it is clear that The Building System is the best choice for building in the Caribbean and Latin America.

The United Caribbean Trust has been set up to develop and maintain a number of initiatives designed to empower and support those traumatized by the weather event of the century ( so far) and would be pleased to support innovative projects, such as this, designed to modernize Caribbean economics through modern technologies in construction. The potential for rejuvenating damaged real estate on affected islands is essential and the ability to produce significant financial support for empowerment initiatives create an excellent synergy that can only assist and revitalize our Caribbean people.

Company History

Since 1993 over 200 homes have been built in the Caribbean. These homes proved themselves in Hurricanes Luis and Marilyn in 1995, Bertha in 1996, and, most recently, Hurricane Georges, a storm responsible for billions of dollars worth of damage in the Caribbean in 1998. All TBS buildings, from large scale affordable housing developments to custom designed exclusive vacation rental homes, have received positive reviews from happy homeowners and government housing inspectors. The homes have clearly demonstrated that they are easier to build, very cost competitive, less costly to maintain, cooler, and, of course, hurricane "safe." TBS is now being sought out in Caribbean and Latin American locations that are not even in the "hurricane belt" due to the speed of construction and lowered labor costs.

Whether you are a family planning your dream home, an architect designing a resort development or a housing administrator formulating a project budget, the Building System can help you build stronger, faster and better for less money.

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