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Grow and Go - Water Series - Session #9

This week’s destination: JESUS DIES ON THE CROSS

MATERIALS: Print Bible Verse Visual Aid. Crayons, Jesus outfit, (white and blue wraps) Chalk to draw a line. Print visual aids


Welcome, as the children arrive get them to colour the colouring pages and visual aids that will be used during the session. There are no games in this session.

DOWNLOAD Session #9 Visual Aids

DOWNLOAD Session #9 Teaching

(10 minutes)

Numerous Music videos have been downloaded to assist you with the children's Praise and Worship

DOWNLOAD Music videos

4. INTIMATE WORSHIP: (5 minutes)

a. Review: Last week's Bible Memory Verse

Optional: Download Review Bible Memory Verse Jesus the Living Water

Optional: Download Review videos and music to review the 'Jesus the Living Water' session

Remember Jesus had made a special trip through Samaria so that the woman at the well would have the opportunity to find the source of life. He waited to find her at the well. All she had to do was drink of the Living Water.

Jesus is the answer to our life. The woman at the well found what she needed and so can we. We will be satisfied to drink the living water. All we need to do is follow Him. Jesus will transform our lives forever.



b. Sword Play
Ready…Swords up… Romans 3:23 … CHARGE

'All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God' Romans 3:23

DOWNLOAD Bible Verse Visual Aid

FUN ACTIVITY: LONG JUMP TO HEAVEN Have one child dressed up like Jesus ( white wrap and blue sash across his chest ) standing at the far end of the room, draw a line on the floor far enough away from him that there is NO way the children can jump and reach him. Have the children take turns trying to long jump to Jesus. They all fail because:

We have all sinned and we cannot save ourselves.

c. Teach the Lesson

This session we are going to learn that Jesus died on the cross, why?

'Because He loves us and so our sins can be forgiven.'


Does anyone know why Jesus died on the cross? (Hold up the poster 'Because Jesus loves us and so our sins can be forgiven.')

Who knows what sin is? (Sin is anything we do, or say, or think or don't do that displeases God.)

Who knows the name of the first man and woman that sinned? ( Adam and Eve that's right .)

If you have sinned raise your hand - come on all of us have sinned.

Now because GOD is perfect we can't be HIS friend if we have sins on us.

This is a really BIG problem for us but remember that GOD had a solution He solved that problem by sending His son Jesus who is perfect and if Jesus died for our sins then we can ask Him to forgive us for our sins and He will.

DOWNLOAD Crucifixion PowerPoint, extracted from 'The First Easter' to assist the teacher to teach the lesson.

Adapted from Bible for Children.

DOWNLOAD Crucifixion colouring pages, extracted from 'The First Easter' to assist the teacher with visual aids.

Adapted from Bible for Children.


DOWNLOAD Animated videos to compliment the Bible Reading

When Jesus lived here on earth and grew up he had 12 close friends he called his disciples. (Allocate 12 children to be disciples ) He was having dinner with them (All sitting down pretending to be eating ) and He said " one of you is going to betray me to the enemies". All his disciples looked at each other wondering who it would be. Many saying " never not me ." Jesus said ALL of you will run away because you will be afraid when they come to take me away.

One of the disciples named Peter said " I will never turn away from you even if ALL the others do."

Jesus said "yes, even you will, in fact you will say you don't even know me 3 times before the rooster crows in the morning." What sound does a rooster make? Let's hear all of you make that crowing sound. (Print Peter's colouring page visual aid)

DOWNLOAD Colouring page

Jesus knew all that was going to happen to Him and He was going to let it happen because Jesus loves us and so our sins can be forgiven.

Now Jesus looked at Judas one of His disciples and said go do it quickly. Judas had gone to the high priests and asked them how much they would pay him to lead them to Jesus. He knew they wanted to kill him because they were jealous of Him. The men told Judas they'd give him 30 pieces of silver, so he went to collect his money and lead them to Jesus. (Allocate Judas who leaves the room angry to do the betrayal)

Now after dinner Jesus and some of His disciples went to a park to pray. Jesus asked God is there any other way for people to have their sins forgiven then for me to die? He knew the pain He was going to have to suffer. But Jesus was willing to do it. WHY? (Because Jesus loves us and so our sins can be forgiven.)

Judas knew where they were going so he led the soldiers to the place. (Judas and a solders with sticks enter ) The soldiers came with torches and swords hundreds of them. Judas had told the soldiers the one I kiss is Jesus, just so they'd make no mistake in who Jesus was in the dark. So he kissed Jesus and the soldiers grabbed him tied Him up (Judas and soldiers act out the scene )

Those who had arrested Jesus took him to Caiaphas the high priest, where the teachers of the law and the elders had assembled. (Print Jesus taken to High Priest visual aid ).

DOWNLOAD Colouring page

Who took him to Pilate the governor, who was in charge like a king, he made big decisions. (Print Pilate's visual aid ).

DOWNLOAD Colouring page

Pilate asked Jesus is it true you claim to be king of the Jews? Jesus answered " yes this is true ." This made the people go wild they were so upset by Jesus answer. They yelled crucify him. (That means kill him).

Pilate said to the people "I can't find anything bad that Jesus has done. What do you want me to do with Him?" The crowd started yelling louder and louder. " Crucifies him, crucify him ."

Pilate sent him over to Herod, who was himself in Jerusalem at that time.  (Print Herod visual aid ) When Herod saw Jesus, he was very glad, for he had long desired to see him, because he had heard about him, and he was hoping to see some sign done by him.

DOWNLOAD Colouring page

But he could find nothing wrong and sent Him back to Pilate who washed his hands of the entire situation (Print Pilate washing his hands visual aid ) but not wanting the people to turn against him had Jesus whipped.

DOWNLOAD Colouring page

Does anyone know what a whip is? Yes and this whip was even worse it had broken glass and sharp metal in it so Jesus back was all bloody.

(Print Jesus prepared to be whipped visual aid )

DOWNLOAD Colouring page

(Jesus is tied and led out and two soldiers pretend to whip him) Do you know why Jesus let them do this to Him? (Because Jesus loves us and so our sins can be forgiven.) That's right!
(Print Jesus whipped visual aid ).

DOWNLOAD Colouring page

Then they put a robe on Him (Place gold cloth over his shoulders ) and a crown made out of sharp thorns. (Print Jesus crown of thorns visual aid ). Does anyone know what a thorn is? Do you think it would hurt to have them pushed into your head?

DOWNLOAD Colouring page

They made fun of him pushing Jesus around and saying ' Hail king of the Jews' . (Print Jesus and soldiers visual aid ). And why did Jesus let them do this to Him? (Because Jesus loves us and so our sins can be forgiven.)

DOWNLOAD Colouring page

Now the soldiers put Jesus clothes back on Him and put a huge, heavy wooden cross on His back to carry up the street to a hill to kill Him on it. (Print Jesus carries cross visual aid ).

DOWNLOAD Colouring page

Imagine Jesus even met his poor sad mother along the way. Imagine how she felt.

(Print Jesus meets Mary visual aid ).

DOWNLOAD Colouring page

It was a heavy hard journey He took for us. (Print Jesus falls with cross visual aid ). And He needed help to carry it.

DOWNLOAD Colouring page

When they got to the hill called Golgotha, which means skull because it looks like a skeleton head from a distance.

The soldiers hammered big nails in Jesus hands and feet and picked the cross up putting it between two bad, really bad men. (Print Jesus on cross visual aid ) Stick all the posters on the wall to tell the story.

DOWNLOAD Colouring page

Why did Jesus let them do this to Him? (Because Jesus loves us and so our sins can be forgiven.) Poor Jesus, they left Him up there until they thought He was dead and then stabbed Him in the side just to make sure. This is a very sad story isn't it? The sky turned pitch black in the middle of the day and a big earthquake happened that shook everyone. They took Jesus off the cross and put Him in a grave, it was like a cave. One more time. Why did Jesus let them do this to Him? (Because Jesus loves us and so our sins can be forgiven.) They rolled a huge heavy rock in front of the grave a put soldier outside of it because they had heard rumors that Jesus would come back to life. And that's a hint about what our next session is going to be about.

Good Friday Sermon Children's Sermon | Sermons4Kids

DOWNLOAD Entire Crusifixion Colouring Series


•  Has anyone ever let you down? How do you think Jesus felt when his good friend betrayed him?

•  Have you ever let a friend down? How did that make you feel?

•  Does anyone know what it means to be jealous?

•  Has there ever been something that someone had that you were jealous over, is so what?


Encourage the children to come to the alter take time now to appreciate God’s presence and thank God for sending His Son.

PRAYER: Heavenly Father thank you for sending your Son Jesus, thank you that He lived a perfect, powerful life, thank you that He went to the cross with me on His mind, to save me and to forgive my sins. Thank you.


Print the Take Home Bible Verse one for each child. Make sure the children store them safely in the folder and bring them back the next day.

DOWNLOAD Take Home Bible Verses


•  The Trial and Crucifixion of Jesus' Colouring pages get the children to put them all in order to tell a picture story

•  The Greatest Gift Wordsearch, Cross word and Maze

DOWNLOAD Colouring page

The Gospel in a Nutshell Children's Sermon | Sermons4Ki... (

NEXT SESSION: We will learn what happens three days later!

Jesus gave a sign of the prophet Jonah. "For just as Jonah was three days and three nights in the belly of the great fish, so will the Son of Man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth."

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