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Grow and Go - Water Series - Session #2

This week’s journey can be spit into two teachings:

  1. SIN enters the world
  2. There are consequences to SIN


DOWNLOAD Session #2 Visual Aids

DOWNLOAD Session #2 Teaching


MATERIALS: Temptation slips for the games, basket, cookie, candy. Suggestion ideas for Game 2. Jar with cookies. Bible Memory Verse visual aid. Three signs, SPIRIT, SOUL, BODY rope, bottle, cookie, balloon (Red) Bible

Welcome Teacher, Trainers and students.

1. WELCOME GAME: (10 minutes)
Teacher writes temptations on little pieces of paper. (See suggestions in Temptation game #1 list) Children take a little piece of paper from the basket and pantomime their temptation and see if another class member can say what that temptation is. IF the "temptation" is guessed, then the child doing the pantomime will say loudly -- JUST SAY NO TO TEMPTATION. Then another child can take a turn!

2. GROUP GAMES: (10 minutes)
Children can line up against a wall and as the teacher says a temptation, children will say loudly SAY NO TO TEMPTATION! If the teacher says to do something GOOD that the children should do it they will say I WILL OBEY.

(See suggestions in Temptation game #2 list)

Maybe there will be a child who would like to be the leader and list something to OBEY or to say NO to!

(10 minutes)

Optional: Download 'Look away' Active Praise Music sheet and lyrics

Optional: Download 'Oh be careful little eyes what you see ' Active Praise Music Video


4. INTIMATE WORSHIP: (5 minutes)

Optional: Download 'Lord I need you' Worship Music video and lyrics.

a. Review

Last time we met we learnt about creation (Optional use last sessions visual aids ) and how God created man and women and they lived a beautiful life in the wonderful garden of Eden.

But what went wrong? I'm sure that you probably know that the surest way to get someone to do something is to tell them they can't do it. It has been that way since the beginning of time. In fact, that is what our Bible lesson is about today.

DOWNLOAD Review Visual aid

Video Review:

Optional: Download 'God created the world' video

Optional: Download 'I am part of God's creation' music video and lyrics

SKIT Review:

Get three volunteers (maybe the same ones from last sessions skit) to stand in a row, holding a rope. As the Bible verse is read place a sign SPIRIT around the neck of the first child. Give him a deflated balloon to hold.

Optional: Download SPIRIT Visual Aid.

“And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, (BODY place sign around neck of the last child) and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; (Blow up SPIRIT's balloon)

Optional: Download BODY Visual Aid.

and man became a living being (SOUL place sign around the neck of the middle child). (Genesis 2:7)

Optional: Download SOUL Visual Aid.

At this stage the LORD God walking in the garden in the cool of the day and had fellowship (Take the hand of SPIRIT child and walk, SOUL follows holding onto the rope, and BODY is willing to walk holding the rope as well.) Harmony and unity, fellowship with God in a beautiful garden.

But this week we will learn how SIN entered the world and caused a separation from God. (Keep the children standing up front or sitting in the front row to come up front at short notice)

b. Sword Play
Ready…Swords up…Genesis 3: 13 … CHARGE

Then the Lord God said to the woman, “What is this you have done?”

The woman said, “The serpent deceived me, and I ate.” (Genesis 3: 13)

Optional: Download Memory Bible Verse

Optional: Download 'The start of man's sadness' Lesson #2 Bible Verse Reading Video Mute Version

Optional: Download 'The start of man's sadness' Lesson #2 Bible Verse Reading Video English Audio Version

c. Teach the Lesson

Download Session #2 Visual Aids


SIN entered the world

Optional: Download Bible for Children 'The start of man's sadness' Colouring pages

Sourced from Biblle for Children

Optional: Download Bible for Children 'The start of man's sadness' PowerPoint to assist with teaching the lesson.

Sourced from Biblle for Children

The Lord God commanded the man, “You are free to eat from any tree in the garden; but you must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for when you eat from it you will certainly die.” (Genesis 2: 16-17)

Optional: Download 'Adam and Eve' Action song

Object lesson: "Who Stole the Cookies from the Cookie Jar?"
Sit the children in a circle and have a jar filled with cookies in the middle.

Accuser: Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar? (Name child 1) stole the cookies from the cookie jar.
Child 1: Who, me?
Accuser: Yes, you!
Child 1: Not me!
Accuser: Then who?
Child 1 accuses another child calling out her name eg (Mary) stole the cookies from the cookie jar.
Repeat the rhyme again and again with everyone in the circle accusing someone else of stealing the cookies from the cookie jar. At the end of the game the children can have a cookie.

You know, that must be the oldest game in the world – it started in the Garden of Eden . God made Adam and Eve and gave them a beautiful garden in which to live. He told them they could eat from any of the trees except for one tree in the middle of the garden.

Read Genesis 3: 1-13 (NKJV)

Does that sound familiar? How many times have you heard someone that was caught doing something they shouldn't do say, "It wasn't my fault -- he made me do it!"

Extracts taken from

SKIT: (Bring the children up front again all holding the rope with the signes around their neck, Spirit still holds his big red balloon)

When sin entered the world, the Spirit within man was no longer in control. (Deflate the red balloon and instead of SPIRIT leading BODY turns around and face the opposite directio and takes over control. SOUL scratches his head and wonders what to do but eventually turns to face BODY and SPIRIT is deflated and dragged along behind them)

After the fall of man and before we give our lives to Jesus:

BODY -In control, following it's our desires, totally controlled by sin (BODY is given the bottle, pretends to be drinking and getting drunk. SOUL laughs and goes along, SPIRIT is very sad and is dragged along. “Let’s go to a party” BODY says, “Ya let’s go” says SOUL. And SPIRIT reluctantly is dragged along.)

SOUL -Controlled by body, Influenced by the world by what it sees and hears

SPIRIT - Weak, ineffective in bondage

What is SIN - sin is anything we think, or say or do or don't do that displeases God

BONDAGE SKIT: Learn more in the Child Evangelism teaching

Prayer: Heavenly Father thank you for giving your commands and laws in the Word. We know when sin entered the world man was removed from the garden from Your presence. Sin blinds us from the truth, it stops us from hearing from You, it enslaves us, traps us, trips us up and eventually kills us. Forgive us our sins and cover us with the precious blood of your Son Jesus. Amen.


• SIN SEPERATES US FROM GOD – man was removed from the garden; the garden represents the presence of God.
• SIN exposes us and we feel shame – when we sin we try to cover our sin with lies.
• SIN MUST BE PUNISHED – the wages of sin is death; but Jesus came so that we may be given life
• SIN IS THE CAUSE OF DEATH – we die a spiritual death because our spirit is cut off from God’s spirit; in natural death God’s spirit returns to HIM
• SIN WILL ALWAYS DECEIVE US – we were already created in God’s image and likeness
• A BLOOD sacrifice must be made to cancel out our sins

• God’s original plan for man was for him to live forever in fellowship with God.

But sin entered the world with consequences...

Optional: DOWNLOAD 'The true consequences' video

The second session of Lesson #2

SIN has consequences

It broke His heart to see the way people were acting. "I'm sorry I made them," God said , "I'll get rid of them all."

Utilize the 'Bible for Children' material for teaching the lesson

DOWNLOAD Bible for Children 'Noah and the Great Flood' Colouring Book

He built the boat and then he put two of every kind of animal into it. Then Noah and his family entered the ark and God shut the door.

DOWNLOAD Bible for Children 'Noah and the Great Flood' PowerPoint

DOWNLOAD Bible for Children 'Noah and the Great Flood' Bible Verse Reading Mute Video Version

DOWNLOAD Bible for Children 'Noah and the Great Flood' Bible Verse Reading English Audio Video Version


CLOSING PRAYER: Our Father we know that sin changed us from our original form and separated us from You. After Adam and Eve, every human being was born of flesh and with a sinful nature (a desire to sin). But thank you God for wanting to change us back to Your original form, In the way You first created us. We know that You are loving but You are also just and must punish sin. What a big problem we had! Thank you that you solved this problem by sending your Son Jesus. Amen


Print the Take Home Bible Verse one for each child from Session #2

DOWNLOAD Take Home Bible Verse Visual Aid

DOWNLOAD Noah Take Home Track from Session #2


NEXT WEEK: We will continue with the ‘Water Series’. We will learn about a man called Jonah. He learned a very important lesson that we need to learn also, that you might run from God, but you cannot hide from God.

BioSand Teaching

Optional: Download 'Biosand Filter' English poster

Optional: Download Weekly English educational Handouts will be given to the children to take home to thier parents.

Compliments of CAWST resources

Filter Your Water - Biosand Filter

Key Message: The biosand filter can provide good quality water.

Possible Questions:

•  Have you ever seen or used a biosand filter?

•  How do you think the biosand filter works?


The biosand filter can remove most microbes and sediment from the source water. The filter box is made of concrete or plastic. Inside the filter are layers of sand and gravel (top to bottom). The diffuser plate helps slow down the water.

A biolayer develops on the surface of the sand. The water slowly passes through the biolayer, sand and gravel. These layers remove the microbes. Filtered water flows out the tube. Place the storage container up on a block or stand so that the opening is just under the spout. If the source water is dirty, use a sedimentation method before pouring it into the filter.

Advantages :

•  Removes most microbes

•  Removes some sediment

•  No on-going costs

•  Made from local materials

•  Filtered water tastes good

Disadvantages :

•  Heavy - should not be moved after installation

•  May need to sediment water before using filter

•  Cannot remove all colour

How to use the filter:

•  Place a clean storage container under the filter spout, as close to the spout as possible

•  Remove the lid on the filter

•  Ensure that the diffuser plate is in place- do not pour water directly onto the sand layer

•  Slowly pour untreated water into the filter - fill it full

•  Replace the lid

•  Allow the water to drain through the filter completely

We still need to disinfect our treated water.

Here are some Do's and Don'ts when using the biosand filter.


•  Use your filter everyday

•  Protect the filter from weather

•  Use the lid

•  Keep animals away from the filter


•  Add chlorine to the biosand filter

•  Plug the outlet with a tap or hose

•  Pour dirty water into the filter

•  Store food inside the filter box (attracts ants, flies, cockroaches)

•  Allow children to play with the filter

Check for Understanding:

•  How does the biosand filter work?

•  How do you use the filter?

•  How often should you use your filter?

•  What happens when we store food in the filter box?

•  What are some of the do's and don'ts for using the biosand filter?

Information sourced from

View on YouTube CAWST Video #2 'Parts and functions of the BSF'

Optional: Download 'Sediment Your Water - Let it Settle' poster

Optional: Download Weekly educational Handouts will be given to the children to take home to thier parents.

Compliments of CAWST resources

Sediment Your Water - Let it Settle

Key Message: Natural settling can be used to help remove sediment from your water.

Possible Questions:

•  Have you ever allowed your water to sit for awhile to sediment the water?

•  Explain how you usually settle the water.


The first step in treating your water is to perform sedimentation. When our water is dirty we can settle it. Microbes like to stick to sediment, so by allowing the sediment to settle out we are removing microbes.

We can sediment our water by allowing the particles to settle. This method is called 3-pot settling because you will need three buckets or pails for the process.

To settle the water:

•  Get a bucket of dirty water

•  Allow the bucket to sit without moving it for about 24 hours

•  Pour the clear water from the bucket to a clean bucket

•  Allow the second bucket to sit without moving it for about 24 hours

•  Pour the clear water from the bucket to a clean storage container

Cover your pots while they are settling so that more dirt and mosquitoes do not enter the water.

By using 3-pot settling, we are helping to get better water. We still need to filter and disinfect our water after settling it.

Check for Understanding:

•  Why would you want to settle your water?

•  How would you use 3-pot settling?

•  Is the water safe to drink after settling?

Information sourced from

Optional: Download 'Filter Your Water - Cloth Filter' poster

Optional: Download Weekly educational Handouts will be given to the children to take home to thier parents.  

Compliments of CAWST resources

Filter Your Water - Cloth Filter

Key Message: Use a cloth filter to provide better quality water.

Possible Questions:

•  Have you ever seen or used a cloth filter?

•  How do you think the cloth filter works?


The cloth filter can remove some sediment and dirt from the source water. Some microbes will pass through the cloth. You can use any cotton cloth that is fine and tightly woven to filter your water.

How to make the cloth filter:

•  Take a long piece of cotton cloth

•  Fold the cloth into a few layers

•  Secure the cloth over a clean pot using string or rope

•  Slowly and gently pour water through the cloth filter

•  Wait for some water to filter before pouring more water

•  Stop when the level of water in the pot is not quite touching the cloth

This method is good for removing some dirt and microbes. To ensure good quality water, disinfect your water after using the cloth filter to kill the remaining microbes.


•  Removes some microbes and sediment

•  Cotton cloth is available within the home

•  Low-cost


•  Least effective filtering methods at removing microbes

Check for Understanding:

•  How does the cloth filter work?

•  What are some of the good things about the cloth filter?

•  How do you create a cloth filter?

•  How do you use a cloth filter?

Information sourced from

What Makes the BSF Special?

The Biolayer!

In a BSF, small microbes live in the top of the sand. This is called the BIOLAYER . The biolayer is very important for making the water safe to drink. The biolayer takes about 30 days to grow. Learn more...

CLICK to view Water Series - Session #3



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