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The Objectives on which the organization is established are:-

  • To spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all nations and establishing Churches.
  • To follow up the individuals and to channel them into a local Church in order to establish them in faith.
  • To reach individuals using the mass media, telephones, correspondence or the like in counseling with the intention of leading them to Christ.
  • To collect funds from the Churches and any source whatsoever, throughout the world for the purpose of the Churches.
  • To recruit, train and place, skilled office personnel who are capable of and have the desire to present the Gospel alongside their basic skills.
  • To open up Libraries for Holy books and religious publications.
  • To train and ordain people to become ministers in the Churche
  • To establish and manage projects for orphans, widows, and other disadvantaged people.
  • To establish Churches and conduct revival meetings, camps, numerical crusades, children rallies and to organize Christian concerts and increase vision service in Uganda at large and outside for the spread and promotion of the Word of God
  • To train Children, Youths and Adults to spread, the activities of the organization and other necessary activities in relation with other Churches or Organisations.
  • To purchase land for the purpose of establishing Church projects for the development of the communities in Uganda.
  • To erect and maintain Church buildings, social halls, business offices, school buildings, recreational facilities, personages projects and programs concerned with the work of relief, rehabilitation, development, agriculture and medical facilities and such other structures as are deemed necessary and to organize and promote such as deemed necessary for the up keep and continuity of said buildings and facilities.
  • To empower widows and orphans with knowledge, skills or resources which can help them to become self-reliant
  • To empower Women and Youths with the word of God and skills for spiritual maturity and self-sustainability
  • To sensitize, train and increase on the food crop and animal farming in the communities in Uganda.
  • To establish and manage the Head office to operate activities of the organization and other necessary activities in relation with other Churches or organizations.
  • To carry out all the above mentioned and do any other objectives of the Organisation.

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