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Goal: To contribute towards the social integration of persons affected by conflicts related violence and diseases through strengthening selected community support structures to identify and respond appropriately to their psychosocial needs.

Strategies: In order to realize strategic objective 01, BUCCARI will use the following strategies;

  • Support and strengthen community structures.
  • Promotion of IEC materials.
  • Promotion of Service providers, collaboration and coordination.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation


  • Organizing Music Dance and Drama (MDD)
  • Picture drawing and essay writing.
  • Research and documentation
  • Training and Capacity building of Patrons/matrons managing life clubs
  • Counseling and stress management
  • Exchange visits.

Verifiable Indicators
1. Change of attitudes in schools and the community on conflict affected persons
2. No. of strengthened psychosocial community support structures.
3. Increased participation of children in life club activities
4. People returning to their homes, resettling ands closing of IDPS
5. Increase psychosocial support to persons affected by violence conflicts and diseases.
6. Improve livelihood of the people, increased child rights protection and support services.

Means of Verification
1. Evaluation Report
2. End of Project Activity Report and annual report.

1. Funds will be available
2. Stakeholders will cooperate.
3. The security situation in the district, will not significantly affect the project
4. BUCCARIT will harmonize her work plan with schools’ time table
5. Community structures for psychosocial support available.




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