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Goal: Enhanced Youth livelihood through increased access and utilization of ICT.

Strategies: In order to realize strategic objective 04, BUCCARIT will use the following strategies;

  • Promotion and the use of IEC materials
  • Promotion of open space information days
  • Publicity through Media – Radio, Newspapers
  • Working with community social structures i.e. CBOS
  • Developing an ICT Policy
  • Monitoring and Evaluation


  • Training (Internet, computer skills), establishing and support of ICT centre
  • Procuring internet facilities and accessories
  • Staff training in ICT and awareness
  • Social structures ICT capacity building
  • Seminars and workshops.

Verification Indicators
1. No. of Youth aware and utilizing the resource/Internet services.
2. No. of community members utilizing ICT centre.
3. No. of community based organization and NGOs / Individuals utilizing the centre
4. No. of Youth and marginalized groups trained in the use of Internet and Information system.
5. Availability of information in the community
6. The degree of assertiveness and demand of information and information and accountability in the community.

Means of Verification
1. Monitoring and Evaluation reports
2. Service delivery assessment forms and number of Youth sub scribers to the services.
3. Computer data assessment of service users.

1. The implementation of the ICT initiative will increase efficiency and effectiveness in BUCCARIT in as far as internal controls and delivery of services are concerned hence stimulating development in the area.
2. BUCCARIT will be able to get partners to support ICT initiative in the area.




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