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Bundibugyo is a neglected little district in Uganda. Despite abundant natural resources, 80% of the population lives below the poverty line. And with poverty comes HIV/AIDS and EBOLA Hemorrhagic fever. These are some of major hindrances to development in Uganda today. It is estimated that almost 1million Ugandans are living with HIV/AIDS. The Government policy of addressing HIV/AIDS and its effects in an open, comprehensive and multi-sectoral manner since 1986 has yielded positive results, reduced the prevalence of HIV in Uganda and the country a world model in fighting HIV/AIDS. However, the number of people dying of AIDS and other killer diseases like EBOLA has been increasing over the years and the adverse psychosocial and economic effects caused by the pandemic in the population and specifically the local communities remain very threatening and evident for every one to see. The number of Children being orphaned has reached alarming levels, while also the number of PLWHAS, elderly, widows and widowers are increasing.

The situation is worse in very remote, isolated and War-affected rural areas of Bundibugyo District. A guerilla war fared up in the district in the 1990’s. The rebel (ADF) attack from 1997 up to 2002 caused insurgency in all parts of the district. This led to existence of Internally Displaced people’s camps (IDP). The socio economic welfare of the people who were bundled in the camps was appalling. This prevented farmers from working on their land and very few had alternative skills to support their land.

The women had to resort to sex for survival. Also, Uganda Peoples, Defense forces (UPDF) and allied democratic forces r (ADF) a rebel group were using sex as a weapon to fighting. The influx of Congolese to Bundibugyo District as refugees and others as traders has also accelerated the transmission of HIV among Bundibugyo Population. Worse still, Kanara Sub County being a fishing centre, there is a mix of lifestyles and also the low income among women which easily gets them attracted to sex for survival.

EBOLA Hemorrhagic fever attached Bundibugyo District in June 2007 and has claimed hundreds of lives leaving more trauma and Orphans. The genesis to this scourge is not yet identified a situation which puts every one’s life at risk. EBOLA has immensely affected the population of Bundibugyo district leaving orphans and causing stigma which is a more serious psychological problem.




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