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Pastor Abraham Kisembo is the founder of Faith Power Pentecostal Ministries - Uganda


Pastor Abraham Kisembo is the founder of Faith Power Pentecostal Ministries - Uganda which is a fully registered with the ministry of internal affairs under the non-Governmental organizations regulation statute 1989 registration number S.5914/6406.

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Seen below at the CEPCI Kampala when the KIMI team ministered.

Seen here at the CEPCI Kampala when the KIMI team ministered.

Seen here at the CEPCI Kampala when the KIMI team ministered

Seen here at the CEPCI Kampala when the KIMI team ministered

This ministry started on 26th, November 2004 after five years of prayer and waiting upon the Lord for the fulfillment of his word as revealed to Pastor Abraham Kisembo on 22nd May 1999. The ministry has a supreme body of 20 Pastors and Elders who are responsible for the day to day functioning of the ministry’s activities.

Faith Power Pentecostal Ministries-Uganda (FPPM-U) is the only indigenous Christian organisation in Bundibugyo District (Western Uganda) dealing with building communities capacity for both spiritual and physical development.


Bundibugyo district is isolated both physically and stemming from historical neglect, dominance and subjugation by the Tooro kingdom. While Tooro kingdom recognized the advantages it drew from the area, was reluctant to invest therein. Consequently, the conflict that a rose from the colonial situation in 1958 lasting for 20 years disrupted the population, retarding access to education and the outside world.

Physically Bundibugyo district is a mountainous district that has the poorest roads in the country, which precipitates poverty among the people. As if that was not bad enough, the insurgency that broke out in 1997 displaced the population as a result of terror unleashed on the population by rebels. People were forced into camps where the negative attitude towards education worsened.

The poverty forced children to try and fill the gaps in the homes by proving for the family in that girl ended up practicing prostitution hence child mothers. The war affected the social set up of most families 9family relations were affected). The conflict coupled with HIV/AIDS scourge, malaria and rampant cholera outbreak living orphans in the area who seriously need help.

Ugandan communities have a tradition of absorbing orphans with in the extended family system. One in four households in Bundibugyo fosters at least one orphan by providing for health, shelter, nutrition, education and other needs. However, many of these care givers are over burdened and lack the socio-economic capacity to provide adequate care and support to the children. This has resulted in malnutrition, poverty and illiteracy, which are indicators of backwardness in the area.

Any factor that affects society affects women in a more pronounced way due to their socio-cultural status. Most of the girl orphans are unable to access education as their foster parents as a way of acquiring riches marry them off.

Medical facilities in the area are inadequate as there’s one referral hospital and two health centres all understaffed and without drugs at times. Amidst cholera epidemic outbreak, many people have lost their lives due to lack of medical attention. Cholera is still a serious problem up to this time. Humanitarian organisations like Action Aid and Uganda Red Cross society have to fight the epidemic but it is still rooted.

We have however, encountered challenges as we spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the first being culture and tradition. The people of Bundibugyo are firmly rooted into upholding their cultural norms and traditions, which are contrary to God’s word. Young girls and boys are allowed to practice sexual immorality without question by the elders or parents. In this millennium where HIV/AIDS epidemic is at its advanced stages, our society might live only to be condemned by death. Witchcraft is also at its apex to the extent that even a little child can tell how some one can be bewitch and visa-avis. However the reason why God has commissioned us as ministers in this generation is that every yoke of slavery might be broken.


We have encountered a number of challenges as we advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the most pressing ones are: -

1. Child protection and Empowerment; Child labour is vividly seen in children’s every day life. Orphans and other vulnerable children do most of household work, which, is loading upon them by their foster parents as a way of compensating for the services rendered to them. Most of these children have either drop out of school in lower primary or have never entered their heads into school.
2. Giving knowledge and skills to child mothers for their own sustainability; the majority of female teenagers in Bundibugyo District either have a child or have fallen victims of abortion whether safe or unsafe. These girl children need vocational skills that can create hope in them so that they may earn a better living.
3. Issues of malnutrition are rampant in our communities; this calls for action by encourage production of nutritional food staff by parents.
4. Addressing health problems; health facilities are inadequate and those that are in place are under staff with no enough drugs. Poor people are always told to go to the near by district which is 47 miles a way. This constraint has claimed many lives, one referral hospital and two health centres are not sufficient enough to serve a whole population of about 20.000 people
5. Biblical training for Pastors and other church leaders; most Pastors and church leaders have never acquired any formal training regarding their role of preaching a situation which, renders them ineffective.

Evangelism; this has been done at a small scale due inadequate facilitation and lack of equipment. Only mini-crusades have taken place, which, are characterized with a lot of shouting by the preacher due to lack of public address system. The strategies we use for evangelism include: -
· Door to door outreach
· Mini-crusades
· School/college outreach
· Mercy ministry. (Two houses have been constructed for two widows who have all ended up in church as full time members).


Faith Power Pentecostal Ministries-Uganda has sought the following solutions to the Challenges highlighted above in which, we request for your support.

1. Challenging the violation of the right to education by opening up orphanage school to cater for the education needs of the many orphans and vulnerable children among us.
2. Challenging the violation of rights to adequate food, housing and medical care by facilitation a children’s feeding programme, providing housing and medical care.
3. Avail training programmes to Pastors and church leaders by supporting by supporting the already existing Bible training school.
4. Facilitate Evangelism programmes by hosting missionaries and supporting other evangelism initiatives and providing equipment.
5. Training child mothers in vocational skill that can warrant them a better livelihood. (Building a vocational training centre for girls).

Organization’s credentials:

Faith Power Pentecostal Ministries-Uganda (FPPM-U) is uniquely positioned to help the community with its offices located in the rural zone of Bundibugyo Town Council (Bumadu). We have got two volunteer full time staff.

Since 2004 we have trained 26 child mothers in art and craft, savings and credit skills. Those trained are between 13 –17 years of age.

The organisation is operating a day care centre for orphans and vulnerable children (with a name Faith Power Preparatory orphanage nursery school) with an enrollment of 68 pupils where 42 are girls.

We opened a bible training school three weeks ago that will run a certificate programme in a period of six months. This has two sessions a week each lasting for three hours.

Six Pastors have been trained and commissioned to do the work of Evangelism/ Discipleship, three of whom are set a part for carryout of spiritual ordinances including solemnizing matrimony.

Our request:

We here by seek to work on partnership with United Caribbean Trust so that we may rise the education standards of the needy, equipping ministers of God with knowledge and skills to do their role of preaching effectively, eliminating disease and sudden deaths, providing vocational skills to child mothers for sustainability and much more.

Contact details:

Pastor Abraham Kisembo
FPPM-U President/Founder


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