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Goal: Increased awareness, knowledge and skills among the Youth, Children and Adolescents to appropriately respond to HIV/AIDS challenge
Strategies: In order to realize Strategic Objective 2, BUCCARIT will use the following strategies.

  • Policy Advocacy
  • Promotion of Behavior change
  • Life clubs in and out of school
  • ABC interventions for promotion of abstinence, safer sex practices among the Youth.
  • Promotion of IEC materials.
  • Action Research
  • Coordination and Collaboration with other actors
  • Information dissemination using local FM Radios
  • Promoting dialogue discussions between parents, teachers and children
    and Evaluation


  • Seminars, workshops, targeting specific groups such as women, youth, adolescents and children plus local leaders.
  • Seminars on abstinence, delayed sex, reduction of multiple partners and practice safer sex.
  • Training drama, the use of video shows, life planning skills, peer education and life clubs.
  • Sensitization on dangers of some cultural practices.
  • Promotion of HIV/AIDS related services VCT, MTCT, STI diagnosis and treatment of opportunistic infections and condom use.
  • Picture drawing both in schools and outside schools plus essay writing and debates competitions
  • Guiding and referral of psychosocial cases.

Verifiable Indicators

1. No. of Youth/communities actively involved in HIV/AIDS advocacy.
2. No. of Youth committees, clubs, task forces formed to continue advancing HIV/AIDS awareness.
3. No. of Local leaders, religious leaders and opinion leaders actively participating and supporting HIV./AIDS awareness campaigns.
4. BUCCARIT capacity increased in HIV/AIDS awareness programming and implementation.
5. Increased donor and government support to BUCCARIT HIV/AIDS community based activities.
6. No. of Adolescents and Youth behaviors change and are positively practicing safer choices.

Means of verification
1. Internal and external evaluation shall be conducted for purpose of verifying performance, scored targets and strategies, increase in HIV/AIDS awareness and behavior change initiatives among communities of Bundibugyo District.
2. Narratives annual reports on projects implemented.

1. Opportunities for HIV.AIDS awareness support available and Youth/adolescents willingness to promote safer choices and control of HIV/AIDS prevalence





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