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Bundibugyo is facing a post war era where most families are struggling to acquire the basic needs like food, shelter, clothing and medical care.

Most Children as this one seen above have no good shelters, lack clothes to put on and are hungry. This condition exposes them to disease leading to a high mortality rate. The number of Children who die annually due to poor living conditions is high.

Mothers are the most traumatized by the worsened living conditions with most of them opting for divorce or commercial sex as a way of survival.

A mother in front of her house is disgusted with the pool of water surrounding her. Little children go to play in the lodged water area near the house while necked. This woman does not know the father of these children because she was involved in sexual affairs with a number of men during the insurgency.

Lack of Support to Pastors

Pastors walk long distances going to their places of worship up to fifteen miles. Such Pastors also go hungry at times and are worried of their families’ survival all the time. This affects their performance of carrying out their work of preaching whereby some of them resort to doing little tasks to earn a wage for the day’s survival.


Children commuting in slums at night

Children in Bundibugyo Town have started a habit of commuting in the slums. Most of these children have become unruly and a headache to the community. Others are involved in drug abuse being initiated by older ones, sexual acts including raping young girls, and thief.
We as spiritual leaders feel it is the task to look for those that are lost without hope. Faith Power has embarked on personal evangelism on the streets and slum places to reach those who need the saving Grace of God.

Some children have responded positively to the word of God and those who believe are added to the number of our orphanage home until they are re-united with their families.

Seen here Pastor Abraham Kisembo our personal Evangelism in a slum

Ministry needs

Our ministry still lacks a number of equipments to use in fostering the work of preaching Gospel of the kingdom, among which we lack;
1. Public address system for evangelism
2. A means of transport
3. Church shelters
4. Pastors’ Shelters and support
5. A Bible school structure
6. Orphanage home structure and support

I take this opportunity to ask our partners and well wishers to stand with us in prayer and support financially this ministry as the spirit may lead.

Ministry contact.

Pastor Tom Musoke
Tel. +256774473060 (For Mission’s Director)

E-mail:Pastor Tom Musoke

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