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The Caribbean Encounter!

Kengington Oval Cricket World Cup 2007The quiz features Caribbean general knowledge of regional and national institutions, symbols and events.

It is about our youth, development,religion, leadership, history, sports, educators, achievements, economy, life, our values.

It is about integrating Caribbean realities in pursuit of dreams.

This quiz engages students in an exciting transformational, parallel exposure to epoch making regional experiences.

It is not about dictates and dogmas but an engagement of positive, emulative life principles lived by the personalities of our project agenda.

The personalities are both of the Scriptures and of selected, acclaimed Caribbean national and regional ‘heroes’ from the post-emancipation era;

These Caribbean ‘national heroes’ would have made significant contributions to national and regional development in areas specified for the quiz;

The colourful personal and professional life of Joseph, son of Jacob will be studied and quizzed to illustrate vision, purpose, challenges and success at the personal, professional, national and global levels.

Joseph will be viewed, not simply as a boy with a coat of many colours, but as an outstanding world class leader and economist.

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