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Haiti football

Haiti football

Thanks to The Barbados Port of Authority and Purity Bakeries for sponsorship of Bds $800 to cover the cost of a football kit for some young and very enthusiastic Haitian footballers.

They kick a ball around a dirt field that most Barbadian footballers would probable turn their nose up at!

Haiti football team

However they are committed, keen and good at the game.

So good in fact that this year they were the Champions!

Restoration Ministries Haiti football team


Seen below collecting their new nets compliments of Cave Shepard their new football socks compliments of Sports and Things and the new balls from Jus Sports. Thanks to all the companies in Barbados that helped make it a very special Christmas for this team of young men in Haiti.

Thanks to Sewing World who donated Bds $400 for plaques and trophies.

More importantly this football team love the Lord Jesus and are open to testify to the other young teams they play with that "Voodoo in Haiti is a dead religion and we serve a living God and play on a winning team!"

Thanks to Mr Andy Toppin Chairman of Sewing World who donated Bds $400 for plaques and trophies.

Haiti football champions 2007


UCT is keen to utilizing sports to bring about change - change in behaviour, the reduction of HIV prevalence among Haitian young people and create an environment conducive for caring for those infected with or affected by HIV infection in Haiti

Teaching Steps to being the most Powerful Human on Earth.

1. RESPECT yourself!

2. CHOOSE TO WAIT... Your so worth it!


UCT seeks to mobilize and involve the Haitian youth, using sports, in the fight against AIDS in Haiti. To educate the youth in behavior changes focusing on abstinence prior to marriage and faithfulness during marriage as the only 100% way to fight AIDS.

Sports form part of an innovative new approach towards youth and HIV prevention. Former Director General of the World Health Organization, Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtland describes it in the following terms:
Haiti football team receiving their new footballs

"Out of Africa comes a new method of using sport to unite children and youth to form an alliance against the ravages of HIV/AIDS. Infected or not, young people can find strength and information in games and the joy of sports." -

The progam is called - KICKING AIDS OUT

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