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Kicking AIDS Out! - Haiti

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In July 2003, UK Sport in partnership with CGC and NIF and with the co-operation of Right to Play have become the founding members of the International Kicking AIDS Out! Network.

Kicking AIDS Out! is an international network of organisations working together using sport and physical activity to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS and motivate behavioural change.

Being a member of this network presents opportunities for the UK to support projects at grassroots level in a number of African countries that use sport to tackle the growing problem of HIV/AIDS as well as opportunities to support the development of an international network looking to share best practice and knowledge in the use of sport as a development tool.

African initiative
Kicking AIDS Out! is an African initiative, brought about by people directly affected by the disease. African sport organisations are mobilising their communities and, in partnership with organisations in the north, developing innovative new approaches to address HIV/AIDS and some of the related social issues. The network shares information and best practice, promotes policy development and supports local projects. It provides a forum for exchange between different organisations from different countries and continents - as equal partners - with different contributions.

Southern partners include, EduSport Foundation, Zambia, Education, Sport and Physical Activity Promotion Programme (EMIMA), Tanzania, Mathare Youth Sport Association (MYSA), Kenya, National Sports Council of Zambia (NSCZ), Zambia, Physically Active Youth (PAY), Namibia, Sport and Recreation Commission of Zimbabwe (SRCZ), Zimbabwe, Sport in Action (SIA), Zambia and Sports Coaches' OutReach (SCORE), South Africa.

Kicking AIDS Out! Activities include:

  • Clinics and workshops
  • Peer coaching / education
  • Movement games and traditional games
  • Formation of groups, clubs and leagues
  • Leadership development and capacity building activities (e.g. training trainers, sports leader courses, etc.)
  • Central to success and sustainability is capacity building. Kicking AIDS Out! develops programmes and resources to train coaches, trainers and leaders, building capacity at the individual, organisational and community level.


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  • To help prevent future HIV/AIDS infections by providing a fun, innovative approach that offers accurate HIV/AIDS and healthy lifestyle information and a forum for discussion for youth and others at risk
  • To reach those most at risk of contracting the virus, and provide them the knowledge to protect themselves
  • To provide inclusive sporting programs and movement games, integrating those affected and infected with the virus, to help reduce the stigma of HIV/AIDS
  • To train local coaches, sport leaders and youth leaders in the community with Kicking AIDS Out! training, equipping them with the skills to integrate accurate HIV/AIDS information in their programs
  • To train leaders within the community to increase local capacity and to enhance the skills within the local sporting system
  • To provide a framework through Kicking AIDS Out! that can be adapted to local needs
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General Project Information

HIV/AIDS is the leading cause of death in Sub-Saharan Africa. The Kicking AIDS OUT! Network, which is an African initiative and was brought about by people directly effected by the disease, uses sport and physical movement to help breakdown stigmas attached to HIV and AIDS, as an outreach tool for communication and peer education on this taboo subject and to foster capacity building at an individual, organisational and community level.

The network supports projects such as the following: clinics and workshops, peer coaching and education, movement and traditional games, the formation of clubs, and leagues and leadership development activities. Recent activities include HIV/AIDS workshops with sports coordinators in Namibia and South Africa in late 2004 and in Kenya in 2005


  • Establishment of an efficient, effective and influential network to coordinate and promote Kicking AIDS Out! activities and strengthen the capacity of its members
  • Development and maintenance of policy, and quality methods, materials and standards for the network in work using sport and physical activity to address HIV/AIDS
  • Stimulation of the sharing and exchange of ideas, experiences and resources among the members and with other stakeholders
  • Promotion of the health and empowerment of communities and individuals, especially those that are vulnerable


The Kicking AIDS OUT! Network on:

Tel: + 47 21 02 91 18

Kicking AIDS Out! - Africa

Tanzania is one of the countries most severely affected by the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

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UCT working in association with Pastor William Silwinda has establish an AIDS/HIV educational program - YOUTH ALERT and we are researching the ability to introduce a sports development program to compliment his ministry.

Pastor William seen here with the mountain bike donated by UCT to start the Youth Alert AIDS educational program at Liberty School.

UCT-YOUTH ALERT was founded in Malawi initially, within the Nyungwe Karonga District, located on the shores of Lake Malawi. In this region there are many fishermen and business men from afar who come to buy fish. Prostitution is very high especially among young girls.

Seen here Pastor Lafleur (blue shirt on the left) our Haiti coordinator and Jenny Tryhane (yellow shirt on the right) Founder of UCT with the team in Haiti receiving their footballs, nets, trophies and football kit all donated by companies in Barbados.

The Youth in Action programme in Africa aims at reducing HIV/AIDS infection in Malawi and to increase opportunities for out-of-school youth to play a positive role in society and to boost their self-esteem. Youth workers and teachers have been provided with training in coaching for male and female athletics, basketball, football, volleyball, netball and table tennis.
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