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Youth in Action

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The Youth in Action programme aims at reducing HIV/AIDS infection rates in Northern, Central and Southern districts of Malawi and to increase opportunities for out-of-school youth to play a positive role in society and to boost their self-esteem. Youth workers and teachers have been provided with training in coaching for male and female athletics, basketball, football, volleyball, netball and table tennis.

Within the first year of the project, there has been:

Training workshops for 126 out-of-school youth workers and primary teachers as well as 48 secondary teachers
This has resulted in coaching for male and female athletics, basketball, football, volleyball, netball, and table tennis coaching as well as the setting up of 10 new club teams, including single and mixed sex teams.
The development advisors are working closely with the Minister for Youth, Sports and Culture and working towards re-introducing a sports curriculum within the education sector at all levels up to University.


To negate the trend of HIV infection be increasing the opportunities of out of school youth to have a role and positive identity in society.

To strengthen organizational and technical capacities of local youth NGOs and CBOs to become more active and effective in their efforts to equip the youth with the knowledge and skills to empower and enable them to make informed decisions about their lives.

Location: Malawi
Target group: Young people (specifically out-of-school youth)
Time Frame: Over 4 years
Participating organisation(s)
UK Sport
Youth Net and Couselling (YONECO)

This project supports three youth development advisors and three sports development advisors to work in partnership within NGOs and government in the Northern, Central and Southern districts of Malawi. It aims to deliver a coherent, comprehensive and systematic youth development programme through youth clubs and schools, using sport as a vehicle for behavioural change, motivation and increasing awareness and education on HIV/AIDS.

The programme also helps reduce stigma attached to the disease and allows both boys and girls to work together, making the communication of sexual health messages easier. The sports development advisors are focusing on building capacity and training of sports activities to contribute to the beginnings of a sports structure across Malawi.

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