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Students of Heroes Gallery - Project Outcome

  • Public expressions of God-reigning acceptance and positive behavioural change among students.
  • Ten percent (10%) improved scholastic quality performance of Eastern Caribbean secondary school students.
  • Twenty students in each country earmarked for leadership development.
  • Five percent (5%) increased productive participation in community development organisations.
  • Increased consciousness towards clarification of spirituality as an integral part of human existence.
  • A disposition of prevention & rational means of resolving conflicts & crises.
  • Five percent (5%) increase in personal & corporate meditative Bible study.
  • Ten percent (10%) increased appreciation and support for Caribbean integration issues among our Caribbean nationals.
  • One million Caribbean nationals developing positive Caribbean dreams.

Concrete steps have been taken by past and present generations to advance Caribbean integration.

Its realisation will be achieved by future generations.

Today, we act with responsibility to shape the future.

It is an exhilarating fact that students will run the next leg of the relay in our Caribbean journey.

Students of Heroes Gallery is an initiative, supporting the handing over of the baton, with a commanding lead, to the next generation.

Look, boy! The Bible speaks about running.


And leadership … and markets… and loans … and birds… and s-t-u-d-y-i-n-g too!

I really did not know that the Bible is about such ‘earthy’ things! This is really interesting!

For real! Really real! For real!

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