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Integrated Quiz Championship
Imaginative Expressions Project


Eastern Caribbean

Secondary Schools

This is what ‘Students of Heroes Gallery’ is about!

Students of Heroes Gallery- strategically and creatively incorporates the positive elements of our Caribbean experience and forges them into a Caribbean dream:

‘ what we could become as a people’
based on our heritage and our aspirations.

The exciting and strategic feature of Students of Heroes Gallery is that students - Eastern Caribbean secondary school students will be at the forefront of the project; a project which is designed to relate to all sectors of the Caribbean community.

‘Caribbean Development through Visionary, Decisive Leadership'

Caribbean students exploring sound life principles exemplified by leaders, then and now

Developing an appreciation for the value of our exemplary people and being inspired by them to the greatest heights
in their chosen vocation.

  • Each participating school is made up of a team of three junior students-
    (first, second and third formers] and a manager/coach.
  • Eliminating competition takes place among participating schools in each island.
  • The national champion school emerges.
  • Each national champion school advances to the semi-final round.
  • The top two teams from each semifinal advance to the regional finals.

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