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The published project guide focuses on specific areas of our Caribbean experience and are complimentary to the schools’ syllabus.

This makes students’ participation manageable.

With the exception of the Joseph section of the quiz, questions will be mainly multiple-choice.

General knowledge and current affairs interests will be an asset.

Some questions will require identification (by sight/hearing) of popular Caribbean places, faces, emblems, music, etc.


Concrete steps have been taken by past and present generations to advance Caribbean integration.

Its realisation will be achieved by future generations.

Today, we act with responsibility to shape the future.

It is an exhilarating fact that students will run the next leg of the relay in our Caribbean journey.

Students of Heroes Gallery is an initiative, supporting the handing over of the baton, with a commanding lead, to the next generation.

This project offers to our students and youth an absolutely necessary reality adding balance and meaning to their existence!

The tone of spirituality which the project incorporates is to be understood, not in isolation, but as an unavoidable, integrated reality of human existence.

A biblical personality has been chosen, to illustrate spirituality as an integral part of human experience - JOSEPH

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