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Dominica Carib Territory

Dominica's Caribs now live in eight villages within the 3,700 acres of land on the east coast of Dominica known as the ‘Carib Territory’.

This land was allocated to them in 1903.

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Dominica Carib Territory Dominica Carib Territory Dominica Carib Territory
Their ancestors had come from South America, sailing down the Orinoco river in dugout canoes, they settled on the rugged islands in order to protect themselves from enemies.
Dominica Carib Territory

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In 1493, Christopher Columbus landed in Dominica in search of gold and fortune. However he found only rivers, mountains, rich red volcanic soil and the Caribs!

They welcomed Columbus and his men and in return Columbus worked and exploited them, almost to the verge of extinction.

Dominica Carib Territory Dominica Carib Territory Dominica Carib Territory
The Caribs in Dominica, after years of brutal treatment by the Spanish, French and English, now number approximately 3,000. They elect their own chief who holds the position for 4 years and also have a representative in the house of assembly. In July 2004 saw Charles Williams elected as Carib Chief.
Dominica Carib Territory They tend to keep to themselves and their culture has remained very much unchanged compared to other areas of the island.
They are a warm and friendly people, living in peace and harmony, relying on the earth and the sea for a living.
Dominica Carib Territory

Many women in the ‘Carib Territory’ weave beautiful baskets that are sold to tourist as souvenirs.

One is flung centuries back into a cool, calm place amidst a most beautiful group of people.

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