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1. Standard Question & Answer

Q. Sarah Ann Gill, a Methodist Church leader, strove to preserve her community
against riots and persecution. Her country, Barbados, has honoured her by
making her:

A. (a) a National Hero; (b) a Dame; (c) Governor General.

Q. If Joseph, son of Jacob wishes to become a lecturer on agricultural engineering,
to which UWI campus would you rightly direct him?

A. (a). Mona (b) St. Augustine; (c) Cave Hill

Q. As a Caribbean Prime Minister, over which of these monetary institutions would
you likely to have a greater measure of control?

A. (a). IMF (b). World Bank (c). Regional Development Fund (RDF)

Q. At 383 not out, batting for the West Indies, you are seventeen (17) runs away
from which cricketer’s highest individual Test innings?

A. (a) Matthew Hayden (b) Sir Garfield Sobers (c) Brian Lara

2. Speed Round (matching):

* people to people- Esau and …

* people and nationality- Sir Arthur Lewis, Nobel Prize winner:

* people and events- established 100 m world record in 2007:

* events and importance- Treaty of Chaguaramas:

* events and dates- ICC West Indies World Cup Cricket Finals:

* institutions and locations- T.A. Marryshow College:

3. Fluency

Recite references without hesitation, deviation
or repetition.

e.g. Recite the pledge of your country without hesitation, deviation or repetition.

4. Basic Research

e.g. Name two CARICOM states with thriving bauxite industries which could employ you following your qualification as a chemical engineer.

5. Completing references

e.g. ‘Emancipate yourself from mental …mind’

6. Identification of Caribbean faces, symbols, places and sounds

e.g. If you were checking universities online and came across this logo; which university website would you have logged onto?

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