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The Fiji Islands - Transformed by the Gospel

"The President, Prime Minister and many top government officials on the Fiji Islands are people who want to seriously follow Christ and lead the nation's Church to turn around and dedicate the nation to God," reports Dr. Jack Dennison of CitiReach. Church leaders report that even members of the Military involved in the coup in the year 2000, now in prison, have become Christians and asked for forgiveness. "In Suva, the capital, the prisoners' loud songs of worship can be heard on the street outside the jail, as they worship Jesus in a spirit of reconciliation and hope for the future of the nation," writes Dennison.

Creation renewed

One of the most astonishing aspects of the revival in Fiji is how God is renewing creation which man has destroyed. After decades of destruction, whole coral reefs are being revived, shoals of fish are returning to the island's waters and rivers, and crabs have been seen walking on the beaches for the first time in years. Even previously unfruitful trees are bearing fruit, and the vines are blossoming again.

Today, people in Fiji meet every day to study the Bible and pray together. One woman told the whole village that grass is starting to grow on the banks of the stream again, the flowers are blossoming, small fish have returned and vegetables grow faster and larger than even the previous month."

The 2nd Chronicles 7:14 principle

If My people, who are called by My name, shall humble themselves, pray, seek, crave, and require of necessity My face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, forgive their sin, and heal their land.

"I think God takes repentance and reconciliation, as described in 2nd Chronicles, very seriously," says Dennison. "He really does send blessing 'where brothers live together in unity'. The events in Fiji are one of the clearest signs of God's pleasure and reaction to societal repentance that I have ever seen."

United Church as agent of transformation

"That day, the Minister for Women, Poverty and Society spoke in Parliament about breaking the vicious circle of poverty, abuse and illness together with a united church, seeing this as the primary delivery system for spiritual and social services. The future will show how Fiji's Christians react to this challenge. George Otis' Sentinel Group will organise material for training, Luis Palau is preparing an evangelistic festival in 15 months, the Living Stone Foundation aims to mobilise the business sector for transformational economic activities, and CitiReach will assist with coaching the entire process for the coming 3 to 5 years," writes Dennison.

Extracts Sourced from: Dr. Jack Dennison, fax (+1)- 719-548.9619;

E-mail: JackD@CitiReach.org


Tragedy Sparks Revival and Transformation in Fiji

By Jay Esteban
CWNews June 3, 2005

CBN.com – A prayer movement is changing communities worldwide—they call it 'Transformation.'

It's happening around the globe: Christians praying fervently for God to bless their nations—and it's making dramatic changes.

Transformation expert, George Otis, Jr. says the Polynesian Islands are one of the hot spots of 'Transformation,' and our report begins with Fiji.

In the year 2000, the nation of Fiji began to experience an astonishing spiritual revival. It happened at the height of a crucial social upheaval when the churches united and interceded for God's intervention.
Since then, this mighty revival has transformed not only individuals but whole villages in Fiji. The Fiji people have been witnessing signs and wonders—even to this day God is literally healing their land.
But before these Transformations took place, Fiji’s people faced severe trials, pain, suffering and even death.
The village of Nataleira is just one of the many villages in Fiji that has experienced a mighty move from God. On this occasion, Christians from different parts of the world flocked to the island to personally witness the revival and hear amazing testimonies of signs and wonders that have taken place in Nataleira community.
Women claimed they saw fire come down from heaven one day, after completing a month-long time of prayer and fasting.
Litia Tikoibua is one of the villagers who saw the fire. She said, “On the last day, of the Healing the Land seminar, Pastor told us we will see a flame as a sign of God's blessing. We came back from fishing and my friend said, ‘Look a flame is falling down from heaven!’ When it reached the sea, the whole place was covered with flame.”
Kalesi Liku also saw the fire. She said, “When I saw the flame, I prayed and I believe God is blessing my village.”
Indeed God did bless Nataleira. According to the villagers, the following day, they were able to harvest plenty of fish from the sea.
Marika Dakuwaqa is the Village Chief of Nataleira. Marika explained, “For the past 15 years, there was no fish. These ladies stay in the water 4-5 hrs and come back with no fish. But now when they go, when they come back, they bring thousands of fish!”
In addition, as a whole, the ecosystem of the land has greatly improved. Chief Marika told us, “Now you find crops! The wild yams are just growing everywhere. The corals down there in the reef, they're growing now, they are growing again.”
But even more important than the restoration of the land and the sea is the healing of broken relationships in the community. It was learned that a tragedy moved the villagers to call upon God and it eventually caused the revival in Nataleira.
Chief Marika said, “We believe, without spiritual intervention, the fabric of society in our village would have been broken into pieces. But now it's been mended by the spiritual awakening that's taking place in my village.”
Now Mele, Kalesi and all the villagers sing worship songs to God, even outdoors.

Sourced http://www.cbn.com/cbnnews/CWN/060305Fiji2.asp


"How can you explain to people who have never experienced a true revival what it is like to have an open heaven - a situation in which prayers are answered almost as fast as they are spoken?" asks Dr. Kevin Dyson, Deacon at New Covenant International (NCI), a theological seminary in the USA. "One way would be to take them to Fiji," he answers. "Fiji is one of the nations which God is currently blessing in an unusual manner."

"13 years ago, NCI began working with Christian Mission Fellowship, a national church movement led by pastor Suliasi Kurolo," writes Dyson. "Since then, 1,200 students have completed theological studies. 87 new churches have been planted, three new Bible schools founded, and missions projects in 16 Pacific nations started. At the most recent graduation, 18 new pastors were ordained, which is not possible until they each have a church with at least 50 adult members. In addition, we blessed 83 new church planters, who aim to plant 62 new churches in the next 12 months."

"Listening to these church planters is like reading a new edition of Acts. We heard of people being raised from the dead, invalids who can walk again, blind who can now see, deaf who can hear and dumb who can now speak, as well as many new believers in the Kingdom of God," he reports. "One Hindu woman, for example, was in Fiji's main hospital, suffering from terminal cancer. Her family was gathered around her as a Bible school student came by, visiting the patients. He was not only able to explain the gospel to the whole family, but also prayed for the woman's healing. The woman was healed, along with others who were healed of deafness and dumbness. In response, 22 Hindus decided to become Christians. The government has asked NCI to develop a programme for the High Schools based on Biblical values, as politicians saw God's power transforming young people and old. It is clearly a true, observable and lasting revival," says Dyson.

Source: New Covenant International, fax (+1)-561-965-3132, e-mail NCIUSA@compuserve.com

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