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Genees een Gekwetst Hart - Les #3

(To be translated)

By the end of this lesson the child should be able to:

• Identify with Joseph betrayal Genesis 37 25-28
• Name their feelings
• Identify ways their feelings affect their bodies
• Know that bad things can happen even if we try to do the right thing
• Be given the opportunity to pray and express how they feel
• Be able to express their pain through drawings

Downloaden Dutch Lesson #3

(Hand sanitization for each child, please ensure masks are worn, and the children have individual crayons for arts and crafts)

Get the children to colour the Emotions Flash Cards
Allocate one child to colour the Bible Verse Visual Aid.

Supplies needed:


• Print off the Emotions Flash Cards, cut in half so the faces are separate from the emotion.
• Crayons, scissors.
• Blank cards, pens or pencils for the children to write their name.
• Print off two cell phones or use two phones.
• Jesus costume, white wrap, blue sash and crown. (From Lesson #1)
• Print out musical lyrics.
• Print 'Bible Verse Visual Aid' and get a child to colour it prior to the class.
• Print 'Een favoriete zoon wordt een slaaf' colouring pages
• Paper and paint for the children to draw and paint their emotions.
• Strips of paper to make paper chains.
• Print the 'Take Home Bible Memory Verse'
• Print ‘Tien tips: met kinderen praten over de dood, vieren en rouwen’ Adult Educational Handouts
• Print ‘Hoe praat ik met kinderen over het coronavirus?’ Adult Educational Handouts
• Print the Chapter #3 'And Puppy' one for each child.

1. GAMES: (10 minutes)
Find the feeling game: Place the Emotions Flash Cards face down on the table. Let children turn over two cards at a time. If the cards match, they can keep them and get another turn. If the cards don't match, the next player gets a turn.

Downloaden Dutch Lesson #3 Visual Aids

2. TEAM GAMES: (10 minutes)
Divide the team into two teams, boys and girls, one teacher per team. (Ensure social distancing) Place the Emotions Flash Cards in a row on a table. Let the children name the emotion. Discuss why they think the face in the picture feels that way.

Ask children how they feel today. Let children write their name on a card and place the card below the emotion that fits their feeling.

Optioneel: What are some of the feelings you might have when things are bad (Write on strips loops and make them into a chain.)

3. ACTIVE PRAISE CHORUS: (5 minutes)
Downloaden 'Jezus houdt van alle kleine kinderen' video

4. INTIMATE WORSHIP: (10 minutes)
Downloaden 'Mijn Hoop Is Zeker'
Optioneel: Downloaden 'Hoop in mij' video

a. Review
(5 minutes)

Last week what did we learn Joseph’s brothers did to him?
(He was betrayed by his brothers and thrown into a pit.) These were pits that were shaped like a bottle. They had a narrow neck, big enough for a bucket to go down. There would be no way to come up and get out.

He would be in that well at the bottom, scared, hurt and confused.

Imagine how bad he felt!.


Downloaden Dutch Lesson #3 Visual Aids


Optioneel: Downloaden 'Een favoriete zoon wordt een slaaf' Les #3 PowerPoint

Aangepast van Bijbel voor Kinderen


Optioneel: Downloaden 'Een favoriete zoon wordt een slaaf' Les #3 Kleurplaten

Aangepast van Bijbel voor Kinderen


b. Learn a Bible Verse (5minutes)
We kunnen hem veel beter aan de Ismaëlieten verkopen!

Genesis 37:27a

Downloaden Dutch Bible Verse Visual Aid

Encourage the children to color it and use it to teach the Bible Verse
(Individual crayon packs per child)

Optioneel: Downloaden 'Een favoriete zoon wordt een slaaf' Les #3 Bijbel geheugen vers in kleur

Optioneel: Downloaden 'Een favoriete zoon wordt een slaaf' Les #3 Bijbel geheugen vers kleurplaat

Aangepast van Bijbel voor Kinderen

c. Teach the Lesson (15 minutes)

What a terrible thing for Joseph's brothers to do -- just because they were jealous of their brother. How would you feel? I hope that we would never do anything so terrible, but we can learn from this story that jealousy can cause us to do things that will hurt other people. It is something that we should guard against.

25 Daarna gingen ze zitten eten. Toen ze opkeken, zagen ze een karavaan van Ismaëlieten aankomen. Hun kamelen droegen specerijen, balsemhars en mirre. De karavaan was op weg van Gilead naar Egypte. 26 Juda zei tegen zijn broers: "Wat hebben we er aan als we onze broer doden en ergens verbergen? 27 We kunnen hem veel beter aan de Ismaëlieten verkopen! (The son of Haggar, the handmaid of Sarah.)

We live in a world in which God's people frequently suffer at the hands of others.

Optioneel: DownloadenJozef zoekt zijn grote broers’ video

Does Joseph’s story remind you of anyone else that we read about in the Bible?

All throughout scripture we read about Jesus and how he lived a perfect. But Jesus suffered terrible things, even though he didn’t deserve it, just like Joseph did not deserve it! In fact, people planned truly wicked things to do to him, just like Joseph’s brothers. Jesus was put to death, which is the greatest evil there is! But God is so good and so gracious that He allowed good things to come from this terrible event. Both Jesus and Joseph were stripped of their robes and placed in a pit for three days where they ultimately arose victorious to be great princes and became exalted by God for their great suffering.

The stories of Joseph and Jesus are both a kind of "rags to riches" story. Joseph was brought out of the pit and prison to be exalted to the Pharaoh's right hand.

Jesus was brought out from the pit after death and exalted to the Father's right hand.


The Story Teller and 'Scruffy' the sock puppet read "And Puppy' Chapter 3 The Great Adventure

Downloaden Chapter 3 of ‘And Puppy (To be translated)

Optioneel: Downloaden Dutch 'And Puppy' Bible Verses


Optioneel: Downloaden 'Corona lied- De Corona Dans!’ music video

Optioneel:Downloaden ‘Corona uitgelegd aan kinderen' video

Optioneel:Downloaden 'Hoe gevaarlijk zijn virussens' video

Optioneel:Downloaden 'Leuke manier om kinderen' video

Optioneel: Downloaden 'Samen houden we corona onder controle'

Art Options: What are some of the feelings you might have when things are bad (Write on strips of paper and make them into a paper chain.)

Encourage the children to express their pain through drawings

Discussion: How are you dealing with your emotions?

Download 'Scruffy' Emotional poster and include it into the Discussion.

Optioneel: Downloaden 'Emotionele posterr'

Sit the children around in a circle. “Can you identify with some of the emotions that Joseph must have felt?” (Rejected, betrayed, confused, afraid, unhappy, angry, bitter, frustrated etc)

Let’s close our eyes and share our feels with Jesus.
The pit is not your full potential. Don’t get used to it. You may feel you are in the pit now but you are next in line for a promotion. In one day Joseph went from the prison to the Palace. You may not like where you are today but it could change in one day and today could be the day. This should be your attitude! Losers focus on what they are going through, champions focus on where they are going to! So, remember in the life of Joseph that trials will come, that God controls every event in your life, that everything you are going through is leading to the Palace and don’t give up on you dream because GOD NEVER WILL!

God says he will never leave us and that when bad things happen we can call on him to help us. We can call on God as if we had a cell phone that only connects to him. He never hangs up on us. He is never unavailable. He never runs out of charge. God wants to hear from us, especially when we are in trouble. Don’t get chained in bondage, be free.

Optioneel: Get the children to break thier paper chains.

CLOSING PRAYER: God wants you to talk to him. He gives you a phone called prayer. He is interested in how you feel and what’s happening to you. Call God on your prayer phone. Tell him how you are feeling, what worries you and ask him to help you. He promises to answer.


Downloaden Dutch ‘Take Home Memory Verse Track

Optioneel: Downloaden Chapter 3 of ‘And Puppy (To be translated)


Optioneel: Downloaden 'Tien tips: met kinderen praten over de dood, vieren en rouwen'

Optioneel: Downloaden 'Tips voor het omgaan met rouwende kinderen'

Optioneel: Downloaden ‘Hoe praat ik met kinderen over het coronavirus?’

NEXT WEEK: Discover how Joseph’s father reacted to the news and realize that God never abandons us even if everyone else does.

Genees een Gekwetst Hart


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