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Genees een Gekwetst Hart - Les #1

(To be translated)

By the end of this lesson the child should be able to:

• Know about Joseph’s family Genesis 37: 1-4
• Know they are part of a family
• Know they are greatly loved by our Heavenly Father
• Feel that they are special
• Know God made them as they are and has an important plan and purpose for them.

Downloaden Dutch Lesson #1

(Before class begins sanitize all the children’s hands. Ensure masks are worn)

Hide a variety of different colour strips of cloth. Let children go on a COLOR HUNT around a designated area to find strips of colored cloth. (Ensure social distancing as they seek) When they find a colored strip of cloth, the child will run back to the poster board on the classroom wall and will glue the strip of cloth to the board to make a coat with their many colors. (Marks on the floor 3 to 6 foot apart ensure safe social distances)

Some child may enjoy drawing a head with beard, etc, on the top of the coat when they are finished they will have a picture of JOSEPH for the rest of the program.



Supplies needed:
• Different colour strips of cloth.
• Safety pins to make a coat.
• A large piece of paper, glue and crayons.
• Print the Joseph coat Visual Aid and get the children to colour.
• Print the Joseph stickman Visual Aid and colour.
• Black blindfold.
• Thumb tacks.
•Small pieces of paper, pencils
• Print out musical lyrics.
• Print 'Bible Verse Visual Aid' and get a child to colour it prior to the class.
• Print 'Een favoriete zoon wordt een slaaf' colouring pages and Take Home Track
• Print 'Take Home Bible Memory Verse'
• Print Chapter #1 of 'And Puppy' one for each child
• Print the 'Hoe bescherm je jezelf en je kinderen? Hoe bescherm je jezelf en je kinderen?' Adult Educational Handout.
• Create a ‘Heaven Corner’ with a gold cloth on a chair with Jesus’ crown and a wooden cross, covered with a red cloth to represent His blood

1. GAMES: (10 minutes)

PIN THE COAT ON JOSEPH: Print the Joseph stick man and print the Joseph coat and get the children to colour before Game 1

Take turns being blindfolded and trying to pin the COLORFUL coat onto Joseph!

Downloaden Dutch Visual Aids

2. TEAM GAMES: (10 minutes)

ROBE RUN: The teacher will have two poster boards - one for each team. Draw a very large outline of a coat with stripes. Divide the class into 2 teams. Children will run a relay to take turns in coloring ONE stripe with colored marker or crayon of his/her choice and then run back to the team for the next player to run to the coat. Continue until all the stripes are coloured, the team to finish first is the winner.

(Each child should be given an individual pack of crayons so as not to share and cause any cross infections)

3. ACTIVE PRAISE CHORUS: (10 minutes)
Optioneel: Downloaden 'Je bent bijzonder' video

4. INTIMATE WORSHIP: (5 minutes)
Optioneel: Downloaden 'De kracht van Uw liefde' Video

a. Review
(5 minutes)
(This being Lesson 1 there may not be a review unless this teaching comes after previous teaching)

Downloaden Dutch Visual Aids

Optioneel: Downloaden 'Een favoriete zoon wordt een slaaf' PDF Volledige diavoorstelling in PowerPoint

Optioneel: Downloaden 'Een favoriete zoon wordt een slaaf compleet kleurboek

Compliments of Bijbel voor Kinderen




Optioneel: Downloaden 'Een favoriete zoon wordt een slaaf' Les #1 PowerPoint

Aangepast van Bijbel voor Kinderen


Optioneel: Downloaden 'Een favoriete zoon wordt een slaaf' Les #1 Kleurplaten

Aangepast van Bijbel voor Kinderen


b. Learn a Bible Verse (5minutes)
Israël hield meer van Jozef dan van al zijn andere zonen,

Genesis 37: 3a

Downloaden Dutch Bible Verse Visual Aid

Encourage the children to color it and use it to teach the Bible Verse.

(Each child to have thier own colouring pens/pencils to prevent cross infection)

Optioneel: Downloaden 'Een favoriete zoon wordt een slaaf' Lesson #1 Bijbel geheugen vers in kleur

Optioneel: Downloaden 'Een favoriete zoon wordt een slaaf' Lesson #1 Bijbel geheugen vers kleurplaat

Aangepast van Bijbel voor Kinderen

c. Teach the Lesson (15 minutes)

Bible Reading: Genesis 37: 3-4; 12-13; 17b-24

Optioneel: Downloaden ‘Jozef part 1' video

Joseph was a part of a family. Even though Joseph grew up in a messed-up family, he did not allow his unusual and dysfunctional family background to get in the way of serving God. He refused to use his family history as an excuse.

We are also part of an earthly family as well as a Christian Church family. We are the brothers and sisters of Jesus The Church is a family bound together by love for God, their Heavenly Father, and for one another.

One day Jesus was together with his disciples in a house. When Jesus' mother and brothers arrived at the house, they sent someone inside to look for him. They told Jesus, “Your mother and brothers are outside looking for you.” Jesus looked around at the people seated around him and answered, "Here are my mother and my brothers! Whoever does God’s will is my brother & sister & mother.”

Did Jesus love his real mother and brothers? Of course he did, but he also realized that he had another family. It was a family made up of those who loved his Heavenly Father and did his will.

You and I love our families, but we also have a wonderful family of faith made up of brothers and sisters who love God and love one another. It is wonderful to be a part of "The Family of God."

Joseph was loved by his earthly father, he gave him a very special present, can you remember what that was?

But Joseph was also very important to God who loved him and you will learn later in this teaching God never left him even in Joseph’s times of difficulties. God knew Joseph before he was even born and He had a great plan for Joseph just like He has for you.

Jeremia 1:5a
"Nog voordat Ik je maakte in de buik van je moeder, kende Ik je al. Al voordat je werd geboren, gaf Ik jou je taak.

Jeremia 29:11
“ Want Ik weet wat mijn plannen voor jullie zijn, zegt de Heer. Ik heb mooie plannen voor jullie. Plannen vol vrede, niet vol ellende. Want Ik heb een hoopvolle toekomst voor jullie.”

Joseph's father loved him more than his brothers. Jesus is the beloved son and preferred one of the Father.


The Story Teller and 'Scruffy' the sock puppet read "And Puppy' Chapter #1 'CoCo 19 Warning'

Downloaden ‘And Puppy front cover

Downloaden Chapter 1 of ‘And Puppy

Downloaden Full Story Book

Optioneel: Downloaden Dutch 'And Puppy' Bible Verses


Optioneel: Downloaden Dutch ‘Coronavirus Prevention’ song

Optioneel: Downloaden Dutch ‘Animatie Corona in begrijpelijke taal’ video

Optioneel: Downloaden 'ROBert legt coronavirus uit aan kinderen' video

Optioneel: Downloaden Campagne handhygiëne woonzorgcentra’ video

Optioneel: Downloaden'Coronavirus- uitleg geven & angst relativeren’ video

Optioneel: Downloaden ‘Omgaan met het coronavirus ouders en kinderen’

Optioneel: Downloaden Dutch ‘Wash your Hands’ colouring page.

Optioneel: Downloaden Dutch ‘Wash your Hands’ poster

One child will start and tag another child and say “JOIN THE FAMILY”. They will hold hands each time one is caught and continue to tag more and hold hands until the whole class is holding hands thanking God for your family. We are not born God's Children. We are adopted by Him through Jesus. We will learn how to become God's Children

Discussion: Do you know anyone who had or has Coronavirus?


Heavenly Father, we thank you for our families and we thank you for our brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus. Thank you for keeping me and all my family safe during this Coronavirus Crisis. In Jesus' name we pray. Amen.


Downloaden Dutch ‘Take Home Memory Verse

Optioneel: Downloaden ‘And Puppy front cover

Optioneel: Downloaden Chapter 1 of ‘And Puppy

Optioneel: Downloaden ‘ Hoe bescherm je jezelf en je kinderen? Hoe bescherm je jezelf en je kinderen?’ Adult Educational handouts

Optioneel: Downloaden ''Een favoriete zoon wordt een slaaf' Take Home Tracks

Complimenten van Bijbel voor Kinderen

NEXT WEEK: We will learn that sometimes bad things happen to good people. Joseph is betrayed by his brothers and thrown into a pit and separated from his father.

Genees een Gekwetst Hart


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