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Cassada Bay Carriacou

The owners of this wonderful piece of real estate donated Cassada Bay to United Caribbean Trust for one year to be utilised as a base of operations for their humanitarian efforts.

Chris, Moira Knighton




United Caribbean Trust presents our gratitude and compliments for the New Year and wishes Chris, Moira and the Knighton family peace, prosperity and abundance in 2006.

Chris & Moira seen here enjoying an evenings meal with company whilst on holiday in Carriacou.

Cassada Bay is a beautiful old, once- empty, hotel located on the outskirts of the village of Belmont on the island of Carriacou. Now the home for 2005 of the United Caribbean Trust.

Seen here U.C Co Founders Jenny and Dawnay with her son and friends from the local village who joined us to bless the First Food served at Cassada Bay.

Enjoying the first official meal at base headquarters.

.Cassada Bay i

Our small gatherings entertained the members of Youth with a Mission, seen here enjoying the view whilst guests at Cassada Bay in January 2005, during an outreach programme of WYAM Discipleship Training Schools(DTS).

Cassada Bay appears to to be the perfect retreat location, dispite its rather neglected state it is being utilised as a base of operations for United Caribbean Trust.

Cassada Bay

The tranquil, peace- filled setting can also house up to 12 relief workers or working holiday volunteers.

Unfortunately due to further hurricane damage the facility can no longer be used for this purpose.


Cassada Bay could provide serene glorified camping accommodation for working holiday volunteers assisting in the church rebuilding project.

Cassada Bay has been empty for some years now but the hotel could very easily be upgraded with a moderate injection of capital, lots of elbow grease and plenty love.


The entrance foyer and office area have been significantly damaged by wind and water.

The ceiling is damaged and water has pooled on the floor of the reception area.

The lovely entrance to the open plan lounge/bar and dining area is clean and debris free.

The wall murals of sea creatures can be upgraded with minimum inputs.

There is a healthy land turtle population.


The lounge is in need of some minor renovations, such as replacement of termite eaten balcony rails, floor paint or tiling, and lounge and recreational furniture.

The stunning views over White Island and distant Grenada from the open air deck are breathtaking.

The dining area overlooks the hills and distant mangrove of the protected bay.

There has been window damage following Ivan but this can be repaired with minimum outlay. The floor area can be crazy-tiled economically.

The kitchen area is well equipped but could do with some new appliances and accoutrements.

There is adequate storage space for food, provisions and relief supplies.

Despite some damage to the roof of the storage area, the linen room is a perfect store for the 'baby survival kits' and other non-food aid supplies, and these can be sorted and allocated efficiently, for Carriacou, Gouyave and Soubise.

Transport is being sought to transfer provisions from the Customs Storage in Hillsborough to the secure base at Cassada Bay.

The accommodation in Cassada Bay is a collection of semi-detached one bedroom chalets overlooking White Island, Saline and Grenada in the distance.
Located on eight acres of beautiful grounds, damaged fencing needs replacement to keep the cows out.

Some careful replanting could restore the lovely tropical garden, with a minimum outlay and a run on a seed bank.

The natural pond could provide irrigation for an organic kitchen garden and the surrounded grounds planted with appropriate vegetation. The old cemetary will be restored to its former dignity, enclosed an blessed..

The jetty has been destroyed and is in need of reconstruction, but has basic capability as a functional boat landing. As this base will continue to distribute relief supplies to coastal villages in Grenada, the facility of the jetty needs immediate attention.
Fallen and uprooted trees clutter the volcanic beach since the storm. Much clearing, burning and reconstruction has already begun to help this area to return to its former beauty. Beach clean up working holidays are planned!

There are tremendous opportunity here short term to create not only a safe, peaceful base for the United Caribbean concept but also to house short term volunteer working holidays.

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