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Tanzania - sponsor a pastor

Part of the vision for Tanzania is to empower the body of Christ and send them out for the Great Commission. Numerous young men and women in Tanzania have a calling on their lives to enter ministry, however in many cases recourses are lacking. US $25 per month is all that is needed to educate and equip a minister of God for the mission field. God is raising up youth pastors to work within the Child Care Centres that UCT desires to build in Africa.

Meet our new Tanzanian pastors seeking sponsorship from the Pastor Sponsorship Programme

"My name is Kumbuka Mazgu Mweda I am a pastor of the 'House of Freedom' Karonga here is my testimony."

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UCT is seeking sponsorship to send students to the Highlands Bible school in Tanzania which started in the year 2000.


1-To equip the Saints for the Great Commission
2-To make sure that Jesus is lifted on high above everything through the students who will be trained at the school.
3-Since our country has a lot of Muslims the Bible school is training the pastors how to minister to Muslims.

Letter from Tanzania - May 2007

Pastor Lotieh, the United Caribbean Trust Tanzania representativeI am delighted to inform you that Pastor Lotieh, the United Caribbean Trust Tanzania representative, has attended a meeting at the Highlands Bible school. On the agenda the UCT Pastor Sponsorship Programme was discussed and the school fees in particular. Highlands announced that some churches have promised to bless the school with food and financial assistance.

This will result in a reduced fee requirement from the Pastor Sponsorship Programme. Each student is required to pay US $50 for tuition plus US $20 stationery, a total of US $70 each semester or US $210 per annum.

This is rounded up to US $25 per month which will includes US $7.50 pocket money or correspondence allowance per month.

Stella Akondowe - Secretary United Caribbean Trust Tanzania

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Pastor Rose Mdessa Pasor Hamis Pastor Junitha Benjamini
Pastor Honore Mutsuipayi Kabelu Pastor Islael Pastor James


I am Mayamiko Dyna Biza. I am a second year student at the Assemblies of God school of Theology Malawi Campus majoring in Bachelors of Arts Degree in Bible and Theology.

I became a born again Christian on May 11, 1982 when I was ten years old. The Gideon International Ministries came to my school to give us New Testament Bibles. They used that opportunity to minister the word and I surrendered my life to Jesus. I am a Pastor in a local church in Malawi and I have been ministering in other parts of Malawi. My ministry also takes me to other countries like Mozambique and Zambia. < Please help >

Pastor Gelard Amosi Mwenda

By His grace I stared pastoring a church in 1999 in a place called Ifwagi, though I am pastoring a church but my thirst has been to go to the Bible school and to get some training so that I should do His work as He wants me to do. < Please help>


A new opportunity has developed enabling United Caribbean Trust to purchase a property in Mbeya. The 3 year old property is located within a walled enclosure and covers 2,450sq ft ground space, it is large enough to become the town church we have been praying about. It will seat over 300 people African style.

The property is close to Highlands Bible School where UCT has established the Pastor Sponsorship Programme.

On the grounds is another smaller building that would second as the Women's Empowerment Sewing Project Factory. It can facilitate 30 sewing machines, the project has already been established with 5 sewing machines but there is a great need for expansion.

Pastor Lotieh Akondowe our United Caribbean Trust's Tanzania representative is perfectly positioned to orchestrate this project. He is a trusted, honest, humble servant of God and it is our privilege to be partnering with him.

"God willing, I want this city church to be a missionary church.

God has given me a vision to reach many countries and this church will be the base for church planting, strengthening and supporting the small churches in the remote areas of Tanzania and beyond.

We are praying for this church building project as Nehemiah did during the time he was building the wall of Jerusalem in one hand they had weapons while in the other hand they used it to build the city."

Pastor Lotie Akondow

UCT Tanzania Representative

Seen here the new city church all plastered and with the old roof removed and the new galvanized roof about to be erected. Praise God

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