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The Stonecroft Bible Studies program offers a wide variety of exciting small group Bible studies written for people with different backgrounds and needs.

If you've never studied the Bible before, these studies are for you! By studying the Bible, you will discover how to know God in a deeper, more personal way.

Seen here Bishop David Akondowe the director of AFRICAN TRAINING BIBLE SCHOOL (ATBS) where these translations have been done..

These studies are ideal to introduce to the women within the churches in the Africa Training Bible School.

Seen here Bishop David Akondowe the director of AFRICAN TRAINING BIBLE SCHOOL (ATBS) The translations have been completed by the Pastors within this Bible School into Swahili and French for the people of Haiti.

For this to become a reality the studies would have to be translated into a variety of languages. Praise God Stonecroft Barbados have donated US 1,500 to cover the costs of purchasing a photocopy machine for out UCT Tanzania office in Mbeya as well as a stipend to cover the cost of translating the first three 'Introductory Studies'.

UCT has partnered with the Bible Society in various countries already in preparation for this program. We will be identifying reasonable priced Bibles for the women, We are excited to see where God takes this project and we are privileged to serve Him.

Translations are done at US $1.00 per page and enables the Pastors to generate some much needed revenue to assist with their studies.



You will gain a deeper understanding of the material when these studies are taken in the following sequence:

Make the discovery of who Jesus is and how you can know Him. In this study, you will learn why Jesus came to earth, what His coming has to do with you, and whether you will ever see Him. (6 lessons)
Meet the Creator of life and the Sustainer of all things. As you study God’s eternal characteristics, you will learn that He is majestic, all-powerful, holy, faithful, and just. (6 lessons)
Learn what the Holy Spirit does in the life of a Christian and how He can help you grow to be more like Christ. (6 lessons)

Participants will gain a deeper understanding of material when these studies are taken in sequence.

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