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Today, the outreach of Stonecroft Ministries reaches around the world and touches the lives of thousands of people each year. But the story of Stonecroft Ministries began simply—with one woman— Helen Duff Baugh - a woman of unshakable faith, a woman of prayer, a woman with a deep concern for the eternal destiny of others.

From that simple start in 1938, similar groups for businesswomen were established across the country. In 1948, Miss Mary E. Clark, a former businesswoman and missionary in Maine, responded to God’s call and joined Mrs. Baugh to assist in leading the rapidly growing Evangelistic and Missionary organization, which by this time reached out to women in all stages and walks of life.

In 1952, God graciously provided property in Kansas City, Missouri, to serve as the national headquarters. The property’s name, Stonecroft meaning “house of stone,” was adopted as the name of the ministry and serves as a reminder that Jesus is the solid foundation and chief cornerstone of all ministry efforts.

For nearly 70 years, God has faithfully protected, provided, and guided the work of Stonecroft Ministries. In an ever-changing culture, two things remain constant: our commitment to prayer and evangelism.

Stonecroft has recently sold this property and moved to a smaller office block with less land to upkeep and allows them to use the funding saved for Evangelism.

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