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Mission of Hope Haiti

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Welcome to Mission of Hope, Haiti!

The Mission of Hope began with the vision of reaching out and ministering to the hurting and less fortunate in Haiti. The desire and passion is to see the hopeless find HOPE, love and healing in Jesus Christ.

The Mission of Hope touches thousands of lives daily in Haiti through the Church of Hope, School of Hope, the Hope House Orphanage, Feed A Child program and through medical teams in the Hospital of Hope. We invite you to partner with Mission of Hope as we bring HOPE to a nation!

Can you imagine not having anything to eat? Going to bed hungry? Not knowing where your next meal will come from? This is a daily reality for many Haitian children and adults.

Feeding Program

The Vision

To put an end to hunger for Haitian children and their families through the Feed a Child Minstry.


To provide assistance to children and their families that need food and help with other emergency needs as they arise.

The Mission of Hope is currently serving approximately 35,000 meals a month. For only $8 a month you can be part of this vital ministry. Click the Make A Donation link now or contact us today for more information on this ministry.

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