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Holy Seed International, Inc. established in 2003, is a non-profit organization committed to empowering individuals and communities through the message of hope.

The organization focuses on planting seeds of faith, hope and love in those among us in need of special care.


We believe that once there is life there is hope. We affirm the "holy seed," the seed of hope, is within everyone but we need each other to make it come alive.

We commit to making this happen by meeting the needs of the lost, abandoned, rejected, downcast and broken-hearted.


We serve the poor and marginalized the differently able, widows, orphans, children and young people, as well as women and men seeking a deeper meaning to life.

We aim to break the cycle of rejection, abandonment, abuse and misguided choices by responding to root causes and influences. We also impact the community by reaching the hurt, helpless, hopeless and homeless


We partner with individuals and networks, primarily through volunteers on the ground.

We plant the seed of hope by creating safe havens and nurturing environments based on mutual love, respect, acceptance, a true sense of belonging, loyalty, honesty and transparency.

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