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Friends of the ministry

Friends of the Ministry Over the years Holy Seed International Inc. has received tremendous blessings from our Friends in Ministry who have helped us in cash and/or kind to establish and facilitate our mission in Haiti.

  • 1st National Bank of St. Lucia,
  • SAGICOR, Barbados National Bank, now renamed Republic Bank,
  • International Proxy Parents,
  • Barbados Community Foundation,
  • Productive Business Solutions (Barbados Ltd.),
  • United Caribbean Trust,
  • Evangelical Missionary Church,
  • Haiti Broilers,
  • The Bible Society of Haiti, among several others.

These organizations, as well as family, friends and many well-wishes from across the globe have been incredibly faithful in making invaluable contributions to Holy Seed.

We are indeed grateful for the golden scepter of grace that has been extended to us. This has enabled us to take so-called 'rejected stones' and transform their lives into becoming 'living cornerstones'. Persons who have fallen 'into the cracks of life' have been given second chances to rise from the ashes of their shattered dreams to fulfill their divine calling, purpose and destinies.

Others whom have been labeled as 'handicapped and disabled' have used their brokenness as a vessel of honor to bring glory to God's kingdom. Man's wisdom is truly foolishness to God, as He has used their so-called disabilities to magnify His abilities to defy all odds and make the seemingly impossible, not only possible, but magnificent!

Our Firstfruit Minstry in Barbados is a wonderful example.

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